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Shot 71 today. 72.2 rated part 70. Sad part is I hit 14 Gir. Last 3 rounds at 2 over total and two rounds playing to +1.5 or more. Can't wait for tournament season.
The best thing for you to do is work on course management to drop your scores immediately. You are definitely going to hit some bad shots here and there, but you can improve your scores. Even when I play, I am always picking and choosing my angles, how much room for error I have, staying as far away from a penalty stroke as possible, etc. Also, you MUST feel comfortable off the tee shot. If you don't feel right with your driver in hand or have bad thoughts, don't use it....
I don't know what schools you've been recruited by, but most schools take their programs a little more serious. They are recruiting with letters... at a 2.3 handicap, you could be a starting player, but you won't be the number one player on every team out there.  That is true that most D3 Schools don't have an engineering program...
Par 70 72.2/127 6600 yards. Shot 69 finally. Still had one 3 putt but only 2 bogeys 3 birdies 12 gir and best of all 30 putts. Still missed a four footer I rang off the flag from 72 yards and a 10 footer on the 132 yard par 3. Oh well I'll take it. Amazing what 30 putts will do.
Just played some free golf yesterday. I have about 10 free rounds from certificates but they are usually at courses I only go to for tournaments and are quite the drive. I have two friends who are PGA teaching professionals who get me on at some private courses here and there which is nice. 
 The scoring average for top players in D3 is roughly 2 strokes higher than D2, which is roughly 2 strokes higher than D1. To be number one player on most D3 schools you are averaging a minimum of 76. 74 for D2, 72 for D1. #5 player is the guy who shoots low 80's, occasionally a round in the 70s for D3.
Worst form of golf? 4 person scramble, by far. Followed by any scramble except a one person scramble, which I like to play in. They should throw out the scramble, which will never happen. Best ball should take place- 4 person best ball, 3 person best ball, etc. 
My first competitive eagle was on #1 at Anderson CC. I think with a 7 iron lol. 
let me know if you ever run into Webster University! Go Gorloks! We have played Hanover and usually go to the Anderson tournament nearby. 
http://www.collegegolfcombines.com/   You need to get it down to at least a 5 and you can play D3 no problem. E-mailing coaches helps. You can go play at these schools now:   http://www.eureka.edu/athletics/eureka-athletics/   https://blackburn.edu/athletics/
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