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lol- thanks. I do. just not getting them into the hole during the round.
I need some serious help with putting- Shot 71 on Saturday with only one birdie and two bogeys(Par 70). Tee to green was great. I could have went deep though, missing 5 putts from 12-18 feet, the two bogeys were a 4 fter and 6 fter to get up and down, and missed two others around 4-5 feet for birdie. I am burning the edges but mentally cant get the ball in the hole.. any advice? First Tourney of the year is next Monday. 
Answer is bogey golf is do-able for anyone IMO. Work on short game, give yourself an extra shot to hit the green and stay away from trouble. 
I have never had a lesson and I actually prefer it- when something goes wrong, I have worked on that and fixed it myself so I don't need to go back to the person who helped fix it because I know the process it took to get past it. 
That's my main goal this year- scoring average is just a biproduct. I am playing 32 competitive rounds and really making an effort to jump into any individual stuff I can find. If you want to play in an unbelievable tournament, come to St. Louis for the Metropolitan Open. We get a lot of hooters tour, mini tour guys and Scott Langley has won the event before. Long, Tough track but its a really nice course and a really great set up. Its up to half amateurs, half pro's with...
I am beginning to score better in tournaments as well. My 60's aren't 65's.. they are 68's or 69's and I still have yet to do it in tournaments if that is what you were asking. For tournaments, Last year I had an 87 and a 90(trying to force birdies), which brought up my average big time. but then had three 73's a 72 and a 71. I also was jumping back in to tournament golf last year after taking a year and a half off after college of tournament golf. When I was in college I...
Not too many, maybe 12-15 times in the last year and a half. but I always play the tips and try and play the hardest courses available. Also- I would consider myself more of a par golfer; make 4 birdies hopefully a round, 4 bogeys for an even par round. I average 11 pars around so it comes down to the last 7 that make or break me. I need to work on putting this year pretty heavily to get more birdies. But I go out and shoot 71-74 pretty consistently on those courses, which...
Interesting, as I am in a similar situation. I have been playing for 5 1/2 years and picked up a club when I was 20. You can read my post but I walked on a college program. I e-mailed about 6 coaches around the St. Louis area and because I didn't have ANY high school or previous tournament experience, no one would talk to me. Except for a D3 coach. I got on and the D3 coach treated me like I had played for 10 years of my life and I wasn't his favorite, but I had only...
3 footer for par
I have another one- If you mark your ball a centimeter from the cup, replace it and it falls in the hole, what happens there? I remember in college reading the rule book and coming up with that. I asked my coach about it and he said "that would be a d*ck move" lol but never said it couldn't happen. 
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