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I have the Normandie Amateur this upcoming weekend. Excited to play in it, it is my 3rd one. It is a bigger tournament for me, I wouldn't say it is necessarily a Major, but it is more meaningful than most 2 day. It is my first shot at POY points for the St. Louis Golf Association. It has all of the better players in the area signed up. The course isn't that great, but it is the oldest public course on this side of the Mississippi or something like that- Babe Ruth played...
Something is off- either I explained wrong, or you interpreted wrong. So I ended up hitting 58/90 GIR, or 64%. I ended up hitting 158 putts total. I ONLY made around 12 putts outside of 5 feet, but inside of 5 feet, I made around 96 percent. I was talking about the 78 putts that were lagged towards the hole, tapped in, 1 footers, 2 footers, 3, 4 5 footers. That happened 78 times. I missed 3 of those. The rest were outside of 5 feet, and put up close to the hole. My...
I would love to find some money games in Vegas and go out.. I would much rather lose my money playing golf then lose it on the tables out there. 
I hate handicapping myself. I would rather play it at scratch, and then flight. 
I love playing assistant pro's or guys that are in their apprenticeship because only about 50 percent of them actually break 80 and about 10 percent of them shoot low 70's.. and they all think they are pretty good players. 
Where did you get that stat? http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.403.html http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.403.2014.html I have just played 90 competitive holes in an 8 day stretch and missed one three footer and two at 4-5 feet and multiple 8 footers that I feel like I should have made(irrelevant),  made I think 12 putts outside of 5 feet so 3/78 missed = 96.1%
The sad thing is I don't remember the last round I had that I didn't have a 3 putt.. :(. Even my bogey free tourney round had a 3 putt for par on a par 5.  Oh yeah- the multi quote thing.. please combine. 
The hardest part, which I may be using as an excuse to justify in my mind, is playing different speed greens every round. It is so hard to get a feel. A lot of my tourneys are an hour or two away so I don't get to go out there one night during the week and practice on them. I went from playing 11.5- 12's to playing 9-10's on Saturday to playing in the last group Sunday where they were measured at the slowest at a 7.  I prefer putting on fast greens by a bunch. I feel like...
I three-put very often. By very often I mean usually twice per round to three times per round. Since I know that GIR if king of stats, I try to hit the green first. This may leave me between 20-40 feet away sometimes, but I am on the green. My glaring weakness is my lag putting. Sometimes it is up to 10 feet short or long. The hardest ones for me, as for anyone I would assume, would be the ones going up to a different tier on a green. I also leave myself with around 15...
http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.403.html   Exactly: My goal is to at least be in the top 50 percent of the tour with these stats. 5 footers you can just tap your ball on line and it usually goes in. Get to a 20 footer and I actually have to dial in my speed and get the line perfect.. not good at that. 
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