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Alright Individual Season is over for me.    2013 Tournament Scoring Average: 78.58(12 Rounds)   2014 Tournament Scoring Average: 75.72 (18 Rounds)   In my 6th year of golf. This year I saw the biggest drop of scoring average. Usually it is around 2 strokes and it was 2.9 this year which is promising.  Yesterday I played my last event and fired off my first ever bogey free round so that was a break through. Game going into it wasn't very good so I just played smart...
I'm still here. I'm not trying to be on tour, just trying to be the best golfer I can be. Hopefully that is on tour, but I doubt it. My game is horrible right now by the way.. swing changes have started for next season. I feel like I suck, shot 1 over on 9 yesterday but hit the ball horribly.. not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. 
Girlfriends(now wife) Dad needed a 4th for a scramble. Decided to suck up a little bit and hang out with his friends to do it. Got addicted. Now I'm here, 6 years later playing tourney golf and hoping to go pro around 30 depending on how I'm doing. 
This is how I feel. I go out and shoot 76-79-76-75 this week in tournament play against professionals and it is NOTHING. I feel as if I am a crappy golfer even though I can shoot those rounds in tournament golf. No one is good at this game until 50 percent of their rounds are under par is the way I look at it. Even par through 3 rounds in any tournament with a solid field will get you a top 10 and that is about it. The only thing that could satisfy me in golf is winning an...
I still have some tourneys this year and it will be a major change for me. I'll make small steps toward the goal this year but to make everything natural will take time.
The course rating on the card for every day play is 75. I am willing to go off course average for the two days is fair at a 77.0.. slope is 141. I'm not sure what I played to but I didn't feel like I played well really, just smart. Also, I don't think he was a plus 4. He has one start on web.com and missed the cut I really think he is a +2 ish. He's on Adams Tour but hasn't made any cuts. Korbin Kuehn is his name. Good player no doubt.
Missed the cut by 8. Not a good round but I am happy considering I improved by 10 strokes this year from last. We had a par 4 that was 534 yards today. They moved number 2 tee box back. Its interesting to see what the leaders have to say and how difficult the course is. The guy who shot 85 shot 68 today with unreal ball striking and putting. The number one thing I will be working on is more spin and higher flight at the beginning of next year. I think my driving and...
Today was cool though. I played with a guy who does have a start on the web.com tour and he shot 85. Course is no joke either. It was so hard to get close to the hole. On the par 5 I actually one hopped, hit the flag and spun back into the rough where I failed to get it up and down. Another time I hit a poor sand shot.. rolled back down into the bunker and got up and down for 4. First hole hit a low hook and played for a bogey. I started hitting the ball better finally on...
Well I really think it was the issue with live scoring. They verbally ask and there was an error on who kept my card at 3. He had double down and I actually had a bogey so we changed it at the scoring tent but never was updated online. I'll talk with them tomorrow.. just hoping it's not worst case scenario
Round us complete but I'm a little worried. I shot a mediocre 76 and they have me online at a 77... hopefully I'm not am idiot and sign an incorrect card. The good news is I was even on all parts 4s over 480
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