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Do it however you think- I am just going to go out and play golf and the points will follow.. hopefully. 
This tour IMO is a money grab and you can find better tourneys that are local and a lot less expensive.
     Schedule                Tournament Course  Cost  Month Dates Rating Association Out of Town Total Rounds Last Year Results April                   Ozark Invitational Westwood Hills CC  $           110 April 25-26 B Independent x 2 DNP May                   Publinx Forest...
A scratch golfer wouldn't jump up to an average of 80 to 85 at a state amateur level.. 
I love this line because I have done the math, and for me to be on a large tour (web.com even) I feel like I would need to take off 7 strokes per round. At 7 strokes per round I would basically be dominating every tournament I play in by 3 to 4 strokes over a couple of days, on average. Only 7 strokes away lol.  On a side note- I think that you have to take in the competitive nature of tournament golf for anyone who would have to compete for money on a week to week basis...
So it looks like it is pretty much in lines with what I was thinking off the top of my head. I just know what a tough 6,600 yard course is like and they are still getting fairly under par which would put some of our +2's around here in the same lines with them. @Vinsk I think you underestimate some things in regards to their play. 
I've tried to tell him 1,000 times that he needs to just work on one thing. Hopefully he will now. 
I see what you did there. 
I am comparing a Men's +2 to an LPGA not a Women's +2 to an LPGA if that makes sense I am not quite sure if I am communicating that. I think a Men's +2 would crush a Women's +2 but is it all relative? 
Well I entered in all of my tournament scores at the end of the season just to see what it was and my TOURNAMENT handicap for the year is 0.5. So I need to lose 2.5 strokes and my nuts and I could get out there and compete. 
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