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So @firedragon76 there you have it.. where did you go anyways?
I could actually see some pros not wanting to do Big Break to be honest. I mean I am sure someone in the top 51 would do it, but they may see it as a gimmick. I like Jimmy a lot and the guy he took out before Anthony was the other golfer I thought was really good.. I think he was from Atlanta? I didn't watch all of the show. A couple of years ago I quit watching because they had some guy that putted from like 60 yards out every time and then another guy who liked to run...
 Thank you, this is by far my favorite reply you have ever given me. I think that is where the question from the OP gets hairy for some. From reading through the thread, the lower HC players are the ones who are typically giving the most push back on the distance vs accuracy for an amateur argument. Maybe Somerset and others would agree with this is well? 
I just don't get why specific examples don't apply to any of this? Everything in golf is a specific example. The last 3 pages look to be off topic so this thread is wearing out. You can't generalize a lie in the rough. "Oh just a normal lie in the rough" - every course has different rough and types of grass. You can't generalize a golf swing, they are like snowflakes and fingerprints. So why on earth could you generalize the game of golf. That is my issue here, I think...
http://www.ajc.com/news/sports/atlanta-golfer-goes-long-really-really-long/nQJQP/ That is possible.. 
I can't stand Anthony. And if he is the best on the show, I have no idea how they choose their people but I would love to get on the show if that was the case: http://egolfgateway.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/tarheel14/event/tarheel1419/contest/1/contestant/121/scorecard.htm   That was last week- 73-77?    I don't think these guys are all that good, I think that personality has mostly to do with it. There are usually one or two VERY good golfers from what I have noticed...
I do. I mean the ball may have not done anything but it is always cool to have a history of things. I have my first ball I played an entire round with, first eagle, first competitive eagle, first hole out, first bogey free round all the other hole outs over 80 yards.. still waiting on my hole in one though. 
I will go if I could play against @Phil McGleno @turtleback @ditchparrot19 @Golfingdad and if I am allowed lol.  
I am building a plan based on LSW. So my goal is to stictly follow that plan and see what comes from it. I want to make a thread, but still waiting on approval. In short, Swing Speed up, Club Fitting, get to a +1.5 or better and win more than 3 tournaments. Also, finally getting myself a WAGR, which would be making one of three cuts in my Major Events this year. Scoring average in tournaments down to 73.5- 74. Hoping to play 30+ competitive rounds. Use only one box of...
She likes it so far, likes riding in the cart really more than anything and hitting putts into the hole. I am not going to force it on her, or my son. My goal is to just introduce them to as much stuff (arts, sports, experiences) as possible and let them figure out what they like. If it happens to be golf that is just a huge bonus :). 
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