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Not if you have the chance to win 30k. 
How's he going to afford a mini tour 1200 buy in per tourney if he can't afford $100 local am event?   Money, Skill, Money, More Skill - There are lots of players who may need a few extra years to develop but couldn't because of financial restraints. So if you can't afford it now, how are you going to afford it later to get to that level. Only 2-3 chances; Top 2 at US AM, Make the cut at the Masters, get sponsors and sponsor invites to PGA tourneys. Or do the same at...
I hear ya- sorry if it came off rude- it was more of a point me in the direction question and out of everyone here, I thought you were the guy to ask. I hope you got into tournament golf with him lol. 
@mchepp where is the interview? 
No problem- I hit some pop-ups and while this thread has gone way off topic, I don't mind hitting those- over exaggerate it. I am trying to hit the ball a tad high on the clubface for the least amount of spin too.  Do I get an award for that artwork?
Well it is kind of silly but it works. I could make a video but here is what I do- Laugh if you wish;   
I lofted up to a 12 degree but was getting the exact same ball flight with 11.25 setting on the Titleist 913. I am actually hitting it a tad higher than I did last year so that is good. I am doing a new drill with hitting up on the ball that I designed myself lol. It seems to work really good. Hitting some pop ups, but that is kind of the goal. Trying to get that AoA to +1 or 2. 
This is what I keep hoping for because right now it is frustrating to hit the ball around 240-250 with the wet conditions and typically around 55-60 degrees. I am really hoping I get some more distance when the fairways are cut, firmed up a little bit, and the air is less dense. Mentally, I feel like I have lost any distance I used to have with the driver.
Maybe I deloft the club more with the irons- I have worked on that actually to get better control of the distance and the above yardages are after I made that change. Before I was hitting a 6 Iron 192.. PW 150.. 
Here is a chart of my lofts: Ignore the other stuff. Are these lofts considered strong maybe? Club Loft (deg) Lie (deg) Length (in) Hand Flex 4 24 60.75 38.50 R R,S,X 5 27 61.25 38.00 R R,S,X 6 30 61.75 37.50 R R,S,X 7 34 62.25 37.00 R R,S,X 8 38 62.75 36.50 R R,S,X 9 42 63.25 36.00 R R,S,X PW 46 63.50 35.75 R R,S,X GW 51
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