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I got the TMX stand bag - i never carry it but it's good quality and looks great. Might want something a little lighter if you're carrying all the time
In light of the below thread "why didn't Padraig chip out sideways" it seems that Tiger Woods has been fined: http://sports.yahoo.com/golf/pga/new...v=ap&type=lgns Harrington appears to be just getting on with it - Woods is out of pocket but only by a little. I'd prefer to see them fining him for spitting and conduct unbecomming of a sports star. Last group of a WGC - the massive crowds following them, making players rush sucks...
Has anyone mentioned that they were put on the clock? Harrington rushed that 2nd shot - it was a poor attempt. Is it fair to put some final group on the clock? When it's Tiger and the crowd is 10 deep there is added noise and movement. Harrington was notoriously slow at one time and has been on the clock a good few times but he has gotten quicker. Don't think he "crumbled" as stated above. Found himself in some tricky spots and was unable to make the shots. He went...
Harrington has that glazed look in his eye when he's eyeing down an iron torpedoed at the flag (even on 16 when he took bogey). He's never been beaten when he's that focused. Really looking forward to it - he's beaten Tiger going down the stretch before and that was before he won 3 majors.
Opening Ceremony will be on Thurs so make sure you go early to see some golf. I went on Tuesday in 2006 - was amazing. Saw everyone. Photos and videos (look on youtube). Weather was great (it rained every other day that week). People who went Wednesday were disappointed as the Americans went out on the back 9 in a 12 ball and hit approach shots only or something crazy. The fans weren't happy. On the Tuesday both everyone from teams played every hole. We arrived at...
take a look at your other clubs - pick something that'll be in between. I got the 3 wood - in between my driver (10.5) and 5 wood (19). Would maybe have looked at getting the 4 wood if I was only getting one wood. I love the 5 wood - gets in the air real quick and great out of all lies. 3 wood is great for tee shots where accuracy is paramount. I guess the 4 wood would be a mix.
Used to have a Taylormade Tour Launch Burner (2008) 5 wood with 17.5 degrees loft. Was basically a 4 wood. Which was too close to my 5 wood so changed it.
according to Sergio himself on youtube/pga tour, what's in the bag, he has a 10.5 with it set to R (open) which gives him a 8.5 degree face. i've just set mine to NU (the smaller version) - playing some links this weekend - keeping it low :)
+1 playing the last in the British Open. If she keeps that up she'll be there or thereabouts on Sunday and might just qualify. I voted yes.
Ever wonder if it's the indian and not the arrows? I find the Tour Preferred to be very responsive, forgiving (for a small club with minimal offset) and good from ever lie. I didn't think they agreed with me at first but I gave them time. After all - the guys who fitted me really know what they're talking about and they said I was going to love this club. The KBS shafts are brilliant too. It's very easy to blame the clubs when you shoot in the 90's. You're playing...
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