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The more I look at them, the more I like them.  I need to do a head by head comparison of the i25s vs my current i15s to see if there is any real improvement.  I just bought a house so I probably will have to wait til these bad boys go on sale before I pick one up.  I was able to hit the 14* 3 wood and I really liked it.  As others have stated, the stripes are not nearly as obnoxious as they look in all these glammed up pictures.  
Personally I think if you are getting the same distance from a 19 degree hyrbid and 5 wood, you're probably not putting a good swing on the 5 wood.  I think the 5 wood should always be longer, even if both clubs have the same length, due to the club head design.  You trade distance, with the 5 wood, for workability and ability to hit out of less than perfect lies, with the hybrid.  
I've had the same dilemma.  I currently game a driver - 3 wood 3 hybrid (20 degree) 4-PW, UW, SW (13 clubs).  I treat my hybrid as an easier to hit 3 iron, not as a replacement for a 5 wood.  I can get it out there 205-215 pretty easily out of all sorts of lies.  I am planning on trying some 19 degree 5 woods to see what kind of distances I'm getting and I'm hoping I can hit it around 230 which would fill that gap pretty nicely.  I'm a pretty good fairway wood player,...
@Jakester23 Will do.  I'm in the same boat as you, thining of 714 AP2s and i25s.  Have you given any thought to the s55's?  I've hit them and they feel really nice when I'm swinging well but I don't know if my swing is consistent enough to spend the money on them.
Me (28) and my dad (56) played a round with two guys in their mid 70s at our lucal muni.  My dad was still in the process of getting back into the game and was all over the course so we had gotten a golf cart while the two older guys we played with both got push carts and had no problem walking the course.  The older of the two had an immaculate set of ping Eye 2 irons, 1-SW and a newer Callaway driver.  No fairway woods, no hybrids.  On a longish par 3 about 195 yards...
One thing about Ping that I think separates them from the other club manufacturers that generally goes unmentioned is the fact that the design their own stock shafts rather than using a third party company.  That being said, I played the g20 with their stock "tour" shaft that was 55g and it was way too whippy for me and caused a lot of problems.  I'd be interested to check out their 65 and 75 g shafts.  
Disclaimer:  Ping fanboy post.   The new i25 irons and driver are up on the ping website today.  I currently game the i15 irons and was planning on upgrading to the i25s but after looking at the pics I'm not all that impressed.  They don't seem to offer any major improvements over the i20s which had really positive reviews and I think they dropped the ball aesthetically on the i25s which is such a surprise because the s55 is such a gorgeous golf club.  Maybe it's time...
I had a setup question regarding the relationship between ball position and club face angle (open vs closed club face towards the target). I was at the range trying to work on controlling my ball flight and hitting it lower, so I was putting the ball further back in my stance. It is my understanding that this will serve to reduce the loft of the club and therefore hit it lower. My question is if I play the ball back in the stance, do I still aim the club face directly...
Just got a great deal on a bunch of stuff and finished my XMAS shopping!  Thank you kindly.
Jakester that is awesome. Did you have a good vantage point for Jordans bunker shot? I was wondering what the proper etiquette for asking for autographs is...I felt like Id be bothering those guys while they were on the practice green or walking to the next tee
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