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Shot the worst 79 of my life at Hansen Dam golf course on Saturday.  I was 1 over after 11 thinking I had a chance to shoot under par with a few easy holes coming up and then proceed to shoot 6 over for the last 7 holes.  I only missed one fairway but missed quite a few greens that I should have hit and my putting was so so.  Two birdies including a chip in.  
A few months back I was really struggling with my pitching from 30-70 yards.  And when I say struggling I don't mean leaving myself 20 foot putts instead of 5 foot putts, I mean I was shanking about half of them, which led to a really bad case of the yips.  Anyway I was playing a longish straight par 5.  I hit a good drive followed by a good 3 wood (which in retrospect was a mistake because I left myself the yardage I dreaded) and had about 50 yards to the green.  I walked...
So far I've played about ten rounds with my new counter balanced putter, here are my thoughts.  From 20 feet and in this thing is really great.  I've never had so much confidence from this distance, and often I'm thinking of making putts that before I'm really just hopeful to get within 4-5 feet.  That being said I have had a really hard time with distance control on putts longer than 20 feet.  I've left more of these putts 7+ feet short with my other putters, but I think...
 Do you find distance control an issue as mvmac observed?
I looked at those too but the Senita just looked too funky.  There is also an anser style counter balanced putter as well that isn't quite as heavy as the Senita I believe.  Distance control is something I'm sure will take awhile to figure out, as I am coming from a conventional putter rather than a belly putter.   That's interesting - was the extra weight an aftermarket add on to your putter?  If so, why did you add it (i.e. was there a particular flaw in your putting you...
I recently bought a 38" Odyssey counter balanced tank putter on a whim because it felt so stable.  I'm curious if anybody here has put a counterbalanced putter in the bag and how it has affected their putting.  The flat stick is the worst club in my bag so I'm always willing to try something new.  Would love to hear others' experiences, good or bad, with them!
The more I look at them, the more I like them.  I need to do a head by head comparison of the i25s vs my current i15s to see if there is any real improvement.  I just bought a house so I probably will have to wait til these bad boys go on sale before I pick one up.  I was able to hit the 14* 3 wood and I really liked it.  As others have stated, the stripes are not nearly as obnoxious as they look in all these glammed up pictures.  
Personally I think if you are getting the same distance from a 19 degree hyrbid and 5 wood, you're probably not putting a good swing on the 5 wood.  I think the 5 wood should always be longer, even if both clubs have the same length, due to the club head design.  You trade distance, with the 5 wood, for workability and ability to hit out of less than perfect lies, with the hybrid.  
I've had the same dilemma.  I currently game a driver - 3 wood 3 hybrid (20 degree) 4-PW, UW, SW (13 clubs).  I treat my hybrid as an easier to hit 3 iron, not as a replacement for a 5 wood.  I can get it out there 205-215 pretty easily out of all sorts of lies.  I am planning on trying some 19 degree 5 woods to see what kind of distances I'm getting and I'm hoping I can hit it around 230 which would fill that gap pretty nicely.  I'm a pretty good fairway wood player,...
@Jakester23 Will do.  I'm in the same boat as you, thining of 714 AP2s and i25s.  Have you given any thought to the s55's?  I've hit them and they feel really nice when I'm swinging well but I don't know if my swing is consistent enough to spend the money on them.
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