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Finally got my first eagle today! It was on a par 5 dogleg right that was playing 505 from the blues. If you hit the ball far/high enough, you can cut the corner a little bit by going over a few trees. I hit a great drive right over the corner and left myself 186 to the flag. Took out a 6 iron and put the ball about 12 ft past the hole. It was a decently fast downhill left to right putt. Looked at it from every angle I could and then sank the putt. Hopefully the next eagle...
Went and played the front nine at Bentwood CC in San Angelo, TX today. I shot a disappointing 42 today. I say disappointing because I played the first 5 holes at 1 over and the last 4 holes at 5 over.   Bentwood CC front nine - par 36 42 (+6) 15 putts 2 fairways hit 3 GIR   I couldn't seem to get it going off of the tee today. I was pushing my driver and 3 iron quite a bit, which got me into trouble and forced me to recover around and under trees. My recovery shots...
 I went and shot 9 today at my new course. This was the first time I went through all 9. I ended up shooting a 45 due to some inconsistent driving and having to scramble. My iron play was great though. I used this drill for a little while warming up on the range and it made a huge difference. Thank you very much for the advice, I am going to implement this drill into my warmups before every round now. 
I will work on this drill today or tomorrow and post an update. Thanks for the advice.
First off, I am going to try and start a swing thread in the next month since I know the advice is harder to give without a visual. Over the past 3 months I have golfed 5 times with random trips to the range. The scores for those 5 rounds were 85, 80, 87, 91, and 86. Last week I finally got a membership at a course here in town. Since joining I have been to the range twice and today attempted to play 9. I only made it through 3 before walking off to just go putt and chip....
I pledge to create a golfer in 2014.   Target - My wife!   We went to the driving range today for the fourth time. It is amazing how fast she is picking up the golf swing. Hoping to do a lesson with a teaching professional soon. Once we got home she started asking about getting a golf club set within the next month or two.
3 mile run followed by back/bicep/ab workout
     Thank you! Have you gone and played Longaberger yet? That is my favorite course up there. 
Nice! Goodfellow is one of the unlucky bases with no golf course.
I live in San Angelo which is about 3 hours west of San Antonio.
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