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Hi Erik, Stephan, thanks for the additional explanation, I've posted a video on Evolvr. Tom
Hi everybody, I'm 48 and have started playing golf two years ago. A couple of months ago I started with Evolvr and Stephan K. as my instructor. The tips he gave me (weight forward, still head) have helped to give a lot more consistency. I've mainly been on the range and have a handicap of 36.   After the last video I posted on Evolr (see below) he gave me these drills (and the video at the bottom):   Next time show me the drill in a practice swing and then after that...
Hi, my name is Tom. I'm German but I have been living in Italy for 15 years now. Probably I'm now the worst of both worlds...  I've started playing golf about a year ago, trying on my own, having a few lessons with a pro, and have now reached a level where they let me play on a course.  Unfortunately I'm not a Stupid Monkey, but I'll try my best to become one.    Curious which handicap I'll have in a year.....   Tom
Yes, sure, the fairway was in good condition, only soggy due to rain the night before. Something similar had happened to me a couple of holes before, where the ball jumped backwards for 20 cm out of it's own pitch mark.    Tom
  Mine was well embedded, I had problems finding it, because there were leaves on the fairway as well...  
  Thanks Rick, with the correct terminology it's much easier to find the wanted information!    Tom
Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to golf (I played my first 9 holes today).   I played the ball off the tee with my driver and it dug in on the fairway.    How is the rule for this? I tried to use the search function, but I didn't find anything. I know the basic "play the ball as it lies" rule, but I was worried about the fairway, so I dug it out and placed it on the ground.   Thanks, Tom  
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