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Very helpfull vids
Your question is the holy grail for me!!!!! I've tried starting with my shoulders but I just can't do it. So im just trying to take the club back on the right plane just using my hands(im sure this is not workin either) I've tried everthing but can't master nothing!!!
Thanks again mvmac. On my downswing I actually start by shifting my hips towards the target and im sure my head follows a little,should I try to keep my head dead still on the whole downswing? Sorry to be a pain in the ass!
Yes that was actually what my pro had me doing the lesson b4 the bowed wrist one. I got what your suggesting going good but my club face was wide open that's when he got me to bow my wrists. He called what you said "let the hands win the race" it did held with my ball striking when done right
When having this bowed wrist lesson my pro showed me a video still of Ernie els at impact just to try and show me the technique
Once again that really helps me to understand and visualise,thanks RAT. And ha ha I don't know if there is a maddog saloon but my user name is maddog81 and the sand trap team must of put my avatar in! Anyway if I ever see u in there il buy u a beers
Ok cheers guys. Re club rat I once had a lesson where the pro tried to get me to bow my wrists at impact,not sure if this is what you are on about or similar
Cast the club out early that is
As I have a tendency to cast out the club and get too armsy on the downswing my local pro told me to feel as if I wait to straighten out my right arm just after impact. Good advice? Is this worth practicing. Cheers
Had a lesson today with a very good pro. I told him about my backswing problems and he just got me to simply start by starting my takeaway leading with my right hand,taking it straight back away and this seemed to give me a decent turn and good width in my swing. Then as I was still pushing the ball right with a bit of a fade he got me to try turn back into the ball instead of my being way too armsy. I hit the ball pretty good after. What u think of his lesson and advice...
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