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Thanks for that. I am making a set up this week with Tour stiffs cutting shafts to 5.75 FCM.As it happens KBS are the reincarnation of Brunswick as far as I can tell.Brunswick shafts was started by Dr Joe Blaley father of Kim Blaley = KBSDr Joe invented the Frequency Coefficient Matched measurement. Well I hope I'm right in this !! But I think so if not someone will put me right I hope
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Back in the nineties I had a set of Mizuno TP 11's with Brunswick shafts (stepped)borrowed from a pro golfer friend of mine, I loved em!! I triend to get a set of my own but failed, then along came Precision Rifles. the question I would like to ask of you fellow Sandtrappers is the Brunswick shaft which had the FCM on them the ancestor of FBS shafts?   Reading the characteristics of KBS they sure sound like the Brunswicks I so enjoyed 20 years ago?
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