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So, this is it ! I know its a Spalding and one of the many that were cranked out, but this has the stylised Calamity Jane , Scottie Cameron logo style on it and when I google Calamity Jane putters this one never comes up … It would be great if someone could shed some light on this version.. I believe it to be late thirties maybe early forties> It was given to me by a very old friend who acquired it from a pro shop secondhand in England after he left the airforce after...
Have been watching the australian Women's Open and have been pondering the Olympic Games Golf gold medal battle in Rio We on Australia have our clutch of " ozzie" Koreans and have noted many representing other nations !! What are they doing right in Korea with ladies golf ? Obviously a lot going right ! The men left far behind ! What is it ? What's going on ?
Well thanks for that tip , tried it out on range today , just turned my feet out a bit more and BINGO , much more stable to enable a better turn .... Cheers
My first game of golf when I was about 12 years old, no lessons, but just grabbed the club like  i did a cricket bat, same as a baseball grip, I did it because it was natural to me and just about everybody I believe !!! I played golf rarely as it wasn't my sport, but played for fun around the local public course…but the 10 finger was the GO…….. until later on in life I took up the golf clubs and played more seriously, had the lessons and played with the overlap grip...
Hi Shorty once again. This particular club is not a bore through, it is identical to later heads that have an adaptor. The difference be that the screw going into the adaptor is smaller than the current adaptor screws and needs a different tool to fit it !! Cheers
Hi Shorty, I think I'll be able to have the adaptor removed and as it differs with the current one and put the shaft into another conforming Titleist head. The exercise has actually confirmed tthat this combo is good for me at present !! However I am a tinkerer and it is a bit of fun messing around with older clubs !!
Thanks very much clarifying that Nemicu and now makes sense. Will now remove the shaft as that is terrific and add it to a conforming head!
Hi Nemicu , thanks for that info, I would just like to ask you it what aspect is it non-conforming , is it the face with more trampoline affect etc etc. I've just spoken to Titleist Australia who are non-committal about that , would need to see it etc etc Cheers
So, that's a bit of a blow then , it cost me $50 but it has sorted my fitting out!! Thanks everyone
Gentleman of leisure!!
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