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I was put in the box for disagreeing with the admins opinion. Anyway, every day I'm getting better. Shot a 74 the other day, not one gimmie. Hit my 3-wood 290 or more, nearly drove the green on the fourth. Shot a +1 through four holes. made a 50 footer for birdie on the 8th hole up hill all the way for the second, and last, birdie of the day.    74 round: 26 putts FiR: 11/14 GiR: 9/18 3 putts: 0   Every day I get better. Ball flight is better, everything is getting...
I really don't give a damn if you believe. This thread was to say your average distances, yet when I do, you all jump on me. Butthurt, old men. Jealous that I don't have to work a 9-5 job and suck at golf. Oh well.
Why are you being such a dick man? You put me in the penalty box for disagreeing with your opinion and said I was trolling. While I'm in the penalty box you and your homies go around the forums trashing my name, saying I did this and did that, when you know it's not true. If you really want to get down to it buddy, I had my handicap at N/A because I DIDN'T KNOW IT. But you PM'ed constantly saying to put a number up. When I told you I didn't know it, you said what do you...
Never been there, but my friend tells me I start speaking like a crazy Irish guy when I get excited. 
His wrists in that picture looks exactly how he wrote in the book. Also, yeah of course the knee flex is going to be different. But I think if you used some sense you would realize by Tiger saying to keep the same flex, he means it's the idea. We all know it's impossible to maintain the same flex... but if you try to you will get close. 
Read my previous statement. I practically wrote a book on why I thought he doped. 
Why is it that what you know is correct, but what the actual pros say isn't? I mean, really. Where are you coming from? I'm going to go with something Tiger Woods says rather than some average Joe. I don't agree with Phil, but that's his personal way. Tiger is the best in the world, anybody who doesn't agree with his swing and ideas is a fool. 
You know, I feel like making an all around instructional video for you guys tomorrow. I'll cover everything from swinging to chipping to putting.. everything! Gunna be fun. Hopefully nobody is there tomorrow, if they are, I'mma not gonna do it. 
So if a robot was programmed to pick up a bag of groceries, it would have a feel or is it simply programmed so much that it knows what to do because it was programmed. Does a dog sit because it has the feeling, or because it was taught to sit? Did the dog sit wrong until it "felt" the correct way, or was it taught the correct way?
And who's saying they're wrong? You? Some other dudes?
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