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Yes, it looks like you're coming from the outside and in on the downswing. There are a lot of things that could cause it. I've been working on my own over-the-top swing for a bit, so I'm probably not the guy to ask! It also kind of looks like you're trying to "lift" the ball with a very steep follow-trough. Try working on hitting down on the ball, and getting that swing to be less from the outside in. There are a lot of great resources on this forum, check out the videos...
It looks like you're swinging a LOT from the outside and in, producing a slice. Look at where your feet, hips and shoulders are aimed and the path your club takes. Not sure where you are aiming. It seems like your shoulders are pointed way left of where your feet are. I'd work on my setup first, squaring the clubface towards the target first and then getting parallel with feet and shoulders. That's a good first step!
Apart from the over-the-top swing, I'm very interested in opinions on my hip movement and weight shift. On the videos, it looks like there is violent action and it almost looks like I'm jumping!
Yeah, it sure does look like it! Thanks for pointing it out. Not sure I follow what you mean with the elbow though.
Hey guys, seems like my first videos got messed up. Can't fix them! Took the camera with me today and recorded some better ones!    From straight behind. This one was one of my better drives this session. Really good distance. It felt like down the line, but it looks like it's hit to the left on the vid. Not sure if my aim is off or if the angles are playing tricks on me. Got slow motion. Another swing, a little diagonal. Another good hit. From the front,...
Why are you screaming? WRITING IN ALL CAPS really comes off as being loud and angry. Didn't read more than the first sentence.
Hi! Looking decent, I'm sure you'll find your way to lower scores quickly. I would start with this (in this order):   1. The grip. Not sure what your left hand looks like, but I'd strengthen the right hand a little. Oldie but goodie:   2. The backswing length. You go a bit beyond parallel at the top of your backswing, and that's not necessary (especially with short irons). You'll see a lot of very good players not coming close to parallel with any irons. A...
Thanks. Didn't realize there were rules on the title of the thread. Moderators: Feel free to remove/rename this thread. Maybe I'll come back later.
Easy app that measures the distance between two spots. I use often when I feel the drive is worth measuring! Don't know if there's a yard version, but conversion is easy. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gpstapemeasure
Hi! New member here, thought I'd share some videos I had my friend shoot today. Disregard the failed photobomb attempt and the weird clubhead obstruction going on!   I have some thoughts of my own of these two after seeing them, but I thought I'd save them to avoid bias. I'd really appreciate any type of feedback!    First drive was straight but low, around 220-240 yards carry (into a lateral due to poor aim). Second drive produced a high fade that stopped pretty...
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