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I'm 6'5", and have a very similar swing speed...I was fitted at 1" over and 3° upright... stiff shaft, works well for me. Might want to consider a midsize grip also, depending on hand size, but with your height I figure you'll need them.
16º and try to get it close, then scramble from there, likely a 4 or 5.
Confidence in my woods has really been shot... never have I ever pulled a drive left... currently battling the pull hooks for the first time.
looking at it quickly... 175, 175, 150 assuming I'm playing from the forward tees.
Really I should play it 5,5,7... two putt for par...
I see it here as get there in 3, probably 4, two putts. On the tee I'd probably hit driver, pull hooks lately... attempt to get out with my 16°... screw that up... miss third into green... flub the pitch... twice... then three putt... so... 8ish.
A little off the current topic, but reading the last post reminded me of something that's really been helping me. Aiming for the green, and not the flag. Obviously when the pin is in prime position, I aim for it, but if it's anything but in the middle I've been consciously aiming for middle green... before I'd always be aiming for the pin. Reducing my misses I guess you'd say.
short game, short game, short game. My ball striking has improved considerably, so my emphasis has been on chipping, and putting. In the past I'd roll a putt too far past then miss the comeback putt. So I've been working on consistent putting. I've also been trying to play smarter. Why break out driver on the 4's that a 5 iron off the tee will work out well...
That grip works... for putting.
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