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I am working on a reverse K set up and keeping my left shoulder lower on the takeaway. When I do this properly and then strike the ball nicely, I now see straighter, higher and a bit more distance. When I set up incorrectly and then lift my left shoulder I see nothing but chunks, shanks and low slices / fades. 
I was in a similar situation earlier this year, however I had a set of cheap clubs kicking about so went for a few lessons and got the bug. I spent a long time reading up on different sets, and narrowed it down to Taylormade RBZ's, Ping G25's and Mizuno JPX. Where I now live there is a very good Ping dealer with the nFlight set up, long story short I ended up with the Pings. I did the online fitting then took it into the shop and got to hit different coloured coded 7 irons...
Helicopter engineer, work a 6 week on 6 week off rotation. Fortunate to have the time whilst at work to practice and play the local course, then back home to practice as well.
Hi all, have been lurking a while so thought it right to say hello. Originally from England but up sticks and moved to Thailand a few years ago. Played for a few years back home then quit for 10 or so years. Picked the clubs back up 3 months ago and have got addicted to it again. Currently taking lessons to improve my swing, with the odd round as well. Aim for the next 12 months, get a handicap and work to get it down to below 20. I work on a 6 week on 6 week off rotation,...
New Posts  All Forums: