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I just got brand new x hot 6-PW from rockbottomgolf for 249. The 5-PW were 299.
Does the X2 Hot or X Hot have the most forgivness?   Ed
Got the clubs from Global Golf today and you guys were right. They are definately alot better than I expected. Except for a few scrtches on the bottom, they are like new. I would definately buy something from them again.   Ed
My daughter just picked up a set of Rocketballz 5-9 PW,SW,AW in very good condition for $250 delivered from Global Golf. She gets them tomorrow, so we will see what condition they are in.   Ed
I know this was posted months ago, but I am comparing these and wondered if anyone has since used both of these.   Thnk you Ed
Is it worth paying an extra $40 for an excellent set verses a very good set. Never bought from them so I am not sure.   Thank you Ed
I go on their site everyday. I talked to them yesterday and they said depending on how much money you wanted to spend get the Razr X, X Hot or the X2 Hot. Decided to ask the 6 coaches if they or their girls had any preferences and the one coach said he could order her whatever she wanted with their discount. The biggest discount was on Titleist, which he said one of his girls just ordered a set the other day. That was one brand I wasn't looking t because of the price.Back...
She is 5'7" and 155. She is a 4 sport letterman in high school. She lettered in cross country, golf, basketball & softball. There isn't anyone around us that can help and the people I have talked to that are over 2 hours away are way to expensive. We can't afford the real expensiive places to go and get fitted and get clubs. She has a swing coach already, he sells Penley shafts but does not have any machines for loft or to see which one works better. I am tryong to save...
My daughter has played for 3 months and shots in the mid 90's, thats counts her 45 putts per round since she hasn;t learned to read greens yet. Anyways she will be playing at a small college starting next year and would like some new clubs. We went to Dick's last weekend and all they had was a Rocketballz ladies set and a Speedblade mens set. She didn't like the weight with the mens club, but did not have any problems hitting the ball with either set. Their monitors were...
I was down the hill from where we live today so found a Dick's and took my daughter there to hit balls with different clubs. They only had one set of girls clubs, rocketballz. She hit them and then she also hit mens steel shaft speedbladez. The speebladez were way to heavy for her, but she did hit them ok. When she hit the rocketbladez she turned and looked at me and smiled. She said what a difference from her Acuity clubs. If you want any different clubs at Dicks you have...
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