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 I'm keeping that to myself   Looking back my post seemed more argumentative towards fourputt than I intended.  I really was just looking to give more info to anyone who read it as to what the device actually does since a lot of the things people have heard about it involve mainly yardages.  For me I like having all my stats presented to me on one page.  This is one the website looks like and some of the info it gives. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/gmac Another thing I...
If your looking for a lesson in the city, Jesse Struebing has a spot inside MIT.  He helped me out a lot even though I have only been to him twice I have definitely cut some strokes off my HC because of him
It's not in the same category as a GPS, its not meant to help you with your round on the course its to break the round down after.  And club distance is only one thing it tracks.  I have on and could not be happier with it.  Knowing my fairways, GIR, putts per round, dispersion on approach shots and more without having to take more then half a second between shots to tap my club to my side.  Yes you can do all this with a notebook but really who wouldnt want everything...
Welcome fellow M@sshole.  
My original new golf buddy got a new job so he is out.  My friend Jay joined my for a range session a month or so ago and he has been enjoying it.  He also ended up getting a job though so he can't put as much time in as he wanted but we are going back to the range tomorrow and we are going to get on a course before June is over.  
Have you tried getting a lesson?
I have gone to almost every indoor golf facility around me since about 50% of my time being interested in golf has been while there is snow on the ground.   There is not enough space on this forum for me to go over all of the problems these places have.  Most of which are brought on by themselves.   Small upkeep like correctly patching holes in the hitting net if not replacing.  Switching tees regularly(the one closest to me has the adjustable orange tee that goes into...
Jamo, I was going to try that fore kicks place in marlborogh next week, do you like it?  Is it big enough to get a good idea of ball flight?
I actually just started to do this last week.  So my pledge is to keep it up.  I took him to a golf simulator since we have snow banks about 4 feet high here still.  He shot like 90 something through 9 holes but he had fun.  He was just using the rental clubs which will make this even more expensive but I searched craigslist and picked up a few clubs here and there some free some cheap and built a whole set up for him to use going forward.  I hope to keep him into...
This makes me want to play at more courses to get a chance to play a round with someone famous.     That round with Dennis Leary someone mentioned must have been a blast.   I feel like no one famous plays around Boston much, they must go South.
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