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Hey all   I'm in the market for some new clubs and I really am leaning towards the i20's.  That being said, ping hasn't released an "i" series club in almost a year.  So, should I buy the i20's or wait till a new "i" series iron comes out? OR should I look into the S55's? :P   Thanks, Nick
If your handicap is a 24 I agree with the post above me to go find a 50 or 52, until you can score a bit better then you can go advance and buy a set of wedges.  I would suggest vokey desgined wedges.  Also pick up a 60 degree. Ever since I got mine the tough short shots in the rough right next to the flag have been a breeze!
haha. btw i love breaking bad too...
Just curious to see some peoples favorite club!  What are you most confident with? My go to club is my 6 iron.
Couldn't agree more. Who cares if you can drive 300 yards if you can't even make a par with that 300 yard drive.
Haha! the AP2s are my dad's old clubs but he can't hit them anymore so he bought a set of G25s.
All my miss-hits are hooks.My normal ball flight is a high slight draw.
Same shaft different grips, but I don't think the grips will be a big deal right?
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