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Not expecting much as he's still a hot mess out there but I'm hoping to see him at least in the weekend field. Missing another cut of a tourney he's hosting has to be a major embarrassment.
Only par on 12 for Speith. He's falling apart!!
He is not holding back with the driver this week - that's an encouraging sign.
WTF is with Rory McIlroy's transparent white pants today? I thought the contrast setting on my television was off.
One thing comes to mind...
This is just plain wrong anymore. Mid-60's Tuesday, right back to the 30's by today and now 3-6" of snow tomorrow. UNCLE!!!
I think it's a neat idea.... ......if you want to look like a dork. Concealed carry is the way to go - if you need a back-up weapon, go with an ankle holster.
We have a home in Brigantine and get out on The Links every so often (but less the past few years given the deteriorating conditions). You're correct about them needing the money as they're in bigtime trouble which has impacted any real upkeep. There's a battle underway about future ownership with the city and outside management companies (Ron Jaworski's golf management company in particular) making pitches. It's a shame because it can be a neat little track but there are...
^^^^^^^^^^^Ditto for me. I replaced most of my range time with stretching and believe that it helped a lot. I'll hit a handful of balls on the range and then the short game area for exactly the reasons above - no "fixing" at all but rather to see what's working and how. I always end with "playing" the first hole or two on the range (to get out of "mechanics" mode and into "shot making" mode) then rolling a few putts on the practice green.
I definitely lose my swing in the offseason but admit that I don't do enough indoor drills over the winter to hold onto the lessons learned the previous year. That said, I have found that in the last few years, it's taken a shorter period of time for me to find my swing again. Part of that I believe is because I've been able to isolate the parts of my swing that usually break down and focus mainly on them. I no longer try to fix everything.
New Posts  All Forums: