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I'm super nice to my wife, too, when she has a club in her hand... Lol - couldn't resist. All kidding aside, my wife just started playing a few months ago out of the blue and it's great being able to share this with her. Costing me a fortune, but it's still fun.
+1 (or is it 3 by now...?) on the driving range for no other reason than to knock off much of the rust and get an idea of how you might be hitting the ball - allows you to have some initial expectations when you hit the course. Don't expect to fix everything in one or two range sessions. Following that, I agree completely on the "get on the course and play". What @boogielicious suggested is a great idea. As others have said, many (if not most) golfers will understand...
^^^^^^^^^My sentiments exactly. Well said.I literally laughed out loud at this. Fantastic and thank you.
@ernest, that looks awesome. Too late for today but I've got to make that soon.
Because they're acting and playing to the camera for ratings. Proof that golf is staged like pro wrestling. I knew it.
I wouldn't mind seeing Reed get his a$$ handed to him a bit this week in the form of a humility lesson. I recognize and respect the kid's talent and skills - he's got game. I also applaud an athlete's confidence but believe strongly that there's a distinct line between confidence and arrogance and his mouth and poor judgement put him on the wrong side of that so far this season. You can exude confidence while remaining humble and showing the proper respect for the game...
I'm a spikeless convert here - made the switch last year (Ecco Biom and FJ Contour). Don't ever see myself going back to soft spikes. I started walking more last year and find he spikeless so much more comfortable and not lacking in traction at all. Ordering a pair of True's this week given all the talk about them. Very curious about the feel.
Any chance they have this same camera angle from that "Tee shot from the stripper's butt" thread?
New Posts  All Forums: