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Because they're acting and playing to the camera for ratings. Proof that golf is staged like pro wrestling. I knew it.
I wouldn't mind seeing Reed get his a$$ handed to him a bit this week in the form of a humility lesson. I recognize and respect the kid's talent and skills - he's got game. I also applaud an athlete's confidence but believe strongly that there's a distinct line between confidence and arrogance and his mouth and poor judgement put him on the wrong side of that so far this season. You can exude confidence while remaining humble and showing the proper respect for the game...
I'm a spikeless convert here - made the switch last year (Ecco Biom and FJ Contour). Don't ever see myself going back to soft spikes. I started walking more last year and find he spikeless so much more comfortable and not lacking in traction at all. Ordering a pair of True's this week given all the talk about them. Very curious about the feel.
Any chance they have this same camera angle from that "Tee shot from the stripper's butt" thread?
Otherwise known as "Thursdays" in my circle.
Agree with you - in the early part of this season, I was thinking how interesting it is having so much new talent contending or otherwise in the mix. Wondered if it was noticeable because Tiger and other recently dominant players weren't showing up or if in fact there's just a full roster of rookies and emerging players coming up the ranks. Then in the past week or two, I've found myself wishing to see some balls-to-the-wall golf ala Tiger firing at the pin like a sniper...
Don't tell Patrick Reed that.
Too funny - just swung through there about an hour ago. Awesome what the sun can do in just a few hours. Hopefully last night's dusting was a fond farewell to winter weather - time to tee it up!!
Did the same thing this morning. Figured at that price, they were worth trying. Curious if they live up to the hype.
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