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I play a push draw as my stock shot, but certainly have noticed that the times that I hit a slight push fade or straight push also tend to be my longest drives.
Understanding your own limits and limiting the two way miss.
 Let me subsitutue scientific with systematic. What I was getting at is that a lot players have always known that there is risk/reward and tell themselves are playing to it, but in reality they but they haven't ever been able to quanitfy it or have any idea of how to manipulate the odds into their favor with strategic decision making. I think the gameplan lessons in the book (or whatever you'd prefer they be called) do a fantastic job of providing a structured framework of...
To be a bit more clear, I would describe section 3 as an scientific version of the age old risk/reward strategy that most golfers are familiar with and probably already using parts of this process today, albeit incorrectly and certainly not in a scientific manner. As example an example, played with my brother last week and on a fairly long up hill par 4 (~400 or so, slight dog leg right), fairway bunker on the right corner (reachable with a 3w and just over that the...
Finished it yesterday, very enjoyable and thought provoking. Loved section 3, while the theory behind the ideas in section 3 that most people inherently do already to some degree, the execution plan map is very strong and something I'm going to commit to doing from now on.
I bought the original Covert back in Novemberfor a week long goldfing trip to Phoenix. I hit it what to knowledge was about the distance that I normally hit a driver, 260-270 or so when hit soldily, swing around 110 mph. I was playing it 9.5 degrees neutral. I did hit just about every ball on the starting line that I intended that week with a slight draw, and a slightly lower trajectory than I was used to. Had similar experiences with it again in April in Phoenix, hard...
Yes please
Formula is (score - rating)*(113 standard / current course slope). so you are correct that if you shoot exactly what the rating is then it's a 0 differential. If you shot 75 then it would be about a .87 differential.
 Probably should have been more specific when I said penalties... Here's how i got there:On a par 72 course, to shoot even, with 2 putts per hole, you'd have an average of 2 shots into green (3*4 for par 5's, 1*3 for par 3's, 2*10 for par 4's) or 36 in total. Add in 36 putts and you get to 72.The given info says 26 putts, so 10 favorable to the 36 even score, and 9/18 greens so 9 unfavorable to the 36 to shoot an even score.That gets you to a total of 71, so the 3...
I'm no rocket scientist, but assuming this is a par 72 course, you'd have to have 3 penalty strokes to go with 26 putts and 9/18 gir's in order to shoot 74.
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