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Yes please
Formula is (score - rating)*(113 standard / current course slope). so you are correct that if you shoot exactly what the rating is then it's a 0 differential. If you shot 75 then it would be about a .87 differential.
 Probably should have been more specific when I said penalties... Here's how i got there:On a par 72 course, to shoot even, with 2 putts per hole, you'd have an average of 2 shots into green (3*4 for par 5's, 1*3 for par 3's, 2*10 for par 4's) or 36 in total. Add in 36 putts and you get to 72.The given info says 26 putts, so 10 favorable to the 36 even score, and 9/18 greens so 9 unfavorable to the 36 to shoot an even score.That gets you to a total of 71, so the 3...
I'm no rocket scientist, but assuming this is a par 72 course, you'd have to have 3 penalty strokes to go with 26 putts and 9/18 gir's in order to shoot 74.
Jaybird bluebuds x. I use them all the time at the range, just keep the phone in your bag. Range is pretty strong indoors or partially covered, gets a bit worse outdoors, but probably has about 60 feet or so outdoors, maybe twice that indoors. They easily synch and have about 5 hours of battery life.
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