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i was simply stating that there are people who can hit as far as they claim and not get the usual answer of being called a liar.   my distances Driver:280+ 3 Wood:270 have a pic to prove 3 iron:250 4:225 5:215 6:200 7:190 8:180 9:not using at the moment Pw:150 Wedges 56/60 120 max on both dont really use them outside of 100
Look up a guy called Gorilla James on youtube.   He is a very long hitter and his posts are crazy distances on simulators and on courses.   He also uploads vlogs when he plays with the same people and he frequently drives par 4s i.e 340 yard par 4 he drives onto the green!   The guys a monster literally he works out all the time and this shows if your born with height of 5'10 or over and put a lot of time into the game and at the gym the it becomes very easy
concentrating is hard for me as well, hence whenever im at the range or on the course i listen to music. This helps my relax when i play and have seen a vast improvement in my game because before i used to over think all the time and couldnt let things go if i hit bad shots and since listening to music has completely changed my game from every aspect.   Just try a round with music and its the best because it helps you relax and then this leads to a good tempo etc...
all down to you the player. If they feel good use them but i recommend you try out a few different types before you make up your mind good luck!
ive been going it to the range a lot lately.   My pro suggested i hit the range everyday for 2 weeks and hit at least 100 balls a day, following this advice everything is going really well especially now im used to the new grip   I hit my mid and high irons the same distances and new replicate certain shots at certain distances for instance at the range today my 8,9 iron were going past the 170 yard marker, yet when it comes to a 6 iron i can barely seem to get...
yes i think i will have to use and x stiff driver and a lower loft because my spin rate is high etc on Thursday im going to a demo day and i am going to use and x stiff driver, my pro recommended that i book a club fitting but there wasn't any spaces.   I dont know how fast my swing speed the only club i have some numbers is on my 3 wood: the red ones are from my callaway x-hot fairway and the blue are various different ones and they were going into a water...
I expect my distances to up from what i put before because i've finally changed my grip following advice from my pro, i had a very open grip before right would wrap under the left one causing a hook etc. Now i have changed my grip unbelievable! i used only my 7 iron purely because i was hitting the longest i ever hit 90% of all my shots hitting the back of the range around 220 on the left side of the range. I was hitting a strong/slight fade on most shots and they were...
5 iron: 195 not 19 LOL
Carry sw:110 pw:135 9:145 8:155 7:165 6:180 5:19   3-wood:255 Driver:270+    The top red part is my new 3 wood, the blue part were various different makes that went into a water hazard insert facepalm!
i found my 3 wood numbers the callaway are the red top part, the blue various different makes the distances are lower because i was hitting into a water hazard on the left of course!
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