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 Thanks. Appreciate it. If you were getting 3 kettlebells (Rogue has free shipping after 3 AND the best were the Rogue from the article you listed) what 3 would you get? They list them in pounds. I am thinking 18 35 53?Or is 18 just pointless?I am trying to consider one-arm exercises and not just using 2 arms. What 3 would you get? I want these 3 to last. Maybe the only 3 I would ever buy.
@mvmac, I saw you lost 50 pounds doing mainly kettle bell and dietary stuff.   Can you summarize how someone should get started in kettle bells? I do not have the schedule to make time with a trainer and I live in the sticks and dont think anyone is nearby who could train me anyway. Are there good DVDs? A specific YouTube video? You recommend watching?   If it gets too complicated I will bail, so I want to know how effective doing some Kettle Bell workouts can be and...
quick note about the Jane death/ Walt watching her die.   She was in one position, on her side, as drug addicts sleep to NOT choke on their vomit. When he shook Jesse, Jane rolled over onto her back. So in essence Walt set her up to die if she threw up, which she did, and then didn't move her when he could.   Furthermore its funny to note that in that there was foreshadowing to the event. In a scene we see baby Holly get rolled on her side and propped up so she didn't...
The thing about Walt taking a bit from each person he killed is true and prevalent.   Walt also gets a Volvo, like Gus drove.   and to connect the Mike thing- Walt starts to drink his whiskey with ice after killing Mike.     I love this idea and how they did it. I just don't like the towel on the floor thing. Gus was thousands of miles away in a closed bathroom. How in the hell would Walt see/know that? All the other traits were seen with Walt's eyes
here's a list of actors and the things they took from the set after filming wrapped. feels... take note of what Bob Odenkirk says aka Saul. intradesting BRYAN CRANSTON (Walt): I have Heisenberg’s hat and sunglasses. That’s my prized possession. AARON PAUL (Jesse): I took Jesse Pinkman’s license plate from his first car: THE CAPN. … I have a Heisenberg hat. [Series creator] Vince Gilligan has promised me the burnt pink teddy bear from season 2. I really wanted...
 lol ya just googled his character after seeing the post about his development. makes me lol every time
 Eh. Ok I can see that. Kind of being the "orchestrator" of it having the cousins do the bidding. I liked the cousins kind of. but I felt like there was a little too much of a supernatural vibe to them. like they were ghosts or possessed or something   Hector "Tio" Salamanca
 lol what the hell? the main antagonist is a wheel chair-stricken, physically inept elderly man who only communicates through a bell? good choice there Vince lol.
for anyone that's interested. had this song in my head so looked it up. Its the song from the season finale   just a heads up, the official music video for this is effing weird as hell. lol. nothing to do with BB    
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