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hey I'm looking to upgrade from my Rocketballz stage 2 4 wood. But I'm just debating on sticking to regular flex or going up to stiff flex. I currently hit driver about 240 on the carry. Its regular flex,but im just worried if i step up to stiff that i might not be able to get it airborne or keep it airborne. I'm looking at either SLDR or the SLDRS 3hl fairways. Any help would be appreciated.
Lol, dang lack of a spellcheck... yeah it will live for ever.
Ive recently started to right a book, just didnt know if anyone else on here is, or has wrote a book.
Id lay up simply because its too far for me to hit. That said even if i could hit the distance. I would still layup. As a 24 handicap, I feel that i risk a huge number 6-8 strokes by going for it. Yes i may get lucky and get on, or i may get bunkered. At least by laying up i narrow the chances of a big number.
I'd love to try that at my house, but there's way to much glass around.
Yeah, i agree, i need the ferrule but none fit so i was forced to go without one. It had 6 months to dry. No obvious cracks, but i haven't been using it that much. Ive been getting more than enough yards out of my 4 wood (cranked one to 270 with roll the other day, wish that was average though lol). i may carry it a little bit in the spring when i get off the simulator and have some time to actually test it.
OK i re glued the head on,but now I'm leery of hitting it. A classmate told that after breaking the end of the shaft shaft two times the shaft might be compromised. Does that make any sense to you all or is it not a valid point?
Well, it happened again,I was on the driving range, hitting a teed up ball and the head went flying down the range. Based on the looks of it the shaft just pulled out of it. Was it just bad epoxy or could i just be catching the tee and rippping the heads off?
Interesting thought Patch,    My only thought about that is that very few golfers keep and maintain a handicap ( believe i heard somewhere that only 10% of golfers do) , which is why i thought to mention stable ford as well.           Since you can pickup up after bogey ( or whatever you set it at) it could speed up round times, their would be less frustration as you wouldn't have to sit there and write down a ten on those two blow-up holes.   Any thoughts on...
Recently i had a chance to play on a practice green featuring two 15 inch cups. Without doubt it was not as easy as i had thought, I went up and hit the ball without reading the line, or speed; and proceeded to miss it right and short.   However this article isn't about how my putting went with it, rather how my chipping went with it. Again i thought it would be easier with this large cup to make them in, and i was making more than usual but a thought dawned on me,...
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