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Found a 30 inch lob wedge I tried out in the hitting bay. It didn't have a grip on it so I was holding metal, and felt like I was putting Wie style. It did seem like it was going straight though. I didn't cut the clubs myself I found them and they were cut down already. As bad as I am pitching and chipping the ball I just didn't know if they give more control for such. I'll try gripping one, and get back to you all.
Ok, I'm cleaning up around my schools golf shop, and I see this It's 25 inches long so it meets club length requirements, would it meet traditional and customary rules. Also anybody have experience with a short club?
Controlling my swing, speed,tempo, and length.
I just try to crush it everytime i have a fairway in front of me, and end up overswinging.  My putting isn't good, average around 40 a round.  Chipping and pitching is weak. The only good thing is that im getting stronger and better. Driver distance is about 230-240.  Most of my score comes from 2-3 bad holes a round, and shortgame.
Hit the range and the course today, shot 121, need to get my half and 3 quarter wedge shots.  But back to seeing the ball.  I did find that i was getting the face closed so i was hitting a push instead of a draw.  The only bad thing is now im overcompensating and hooking, but at least i can see them.  Did also notice later on in the day they were harder to find as the golf course started to play into the sun.  Now that i can see it im actually starting to get some good...
Yeah i did mean open, srry about that.  Im going try to get out to course a little later today, and see if i can spot them leaking out way right.
It has been posted on taylormade a website. 43.5 inch shaft. Comes in 12,14,16 degree lofts; 260cc head
I have used yellow balls they help on the course, unfortunately the range and the longer clubs are the primary problems.    I usually play alone on the course. I do wear glasses and get my eyes checked fairly often.   On the course i wear glasses, sunglasses and a hat. When i do find them in the sky, i can seem them all the way down the range so its not my eyesight. Ive been hitting golf balls since December 2012, on the course since June 2013, so I'm fairly new.  I do...
 OK I've been working diligently since winter ended up here in MD. Not that it seems to be over. But anyway. Ive been making pretty solid contact with all clubs; wedges get chili dipped and drivers get dummy marks, more often than id like but all in all more consistent than last year.        I do have one serious problem that's preventing me from taking the big stick out on the course.  I can never seem to find the golf ball in the air.  I keep my eye on it coming down...
It was THE GOLF WORKS  impact tape. Im sure its illegal for tournament play.
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