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This question is similar to one i have at the moment. Will a TP loft sleeve fit in the non TP driver? Im looking at shaft and sleeve combos on amazon, but they all seem to have the .335 sleeve for the TP version, where as the regular is a .350 for the shaft end. I just dont know if the .355/.350 is just for the shafts or for the sleeve housing as well.
Thnks TYE  Does the Covert 1.0 spin a lot or launch high? I was gaming my r1 last night and was hitting high launch moonballs with it.
Hey question for anyone who has hit the original covert tour and the regular covert 2.0. how much difference is there between them?   I figured the 2.0s being a year newer, might be close to technology.  I'm looking for a low spin driver, and I'm thinking I'm going to go with one of the covert series.
Hey related question, i do something similar to keegan Bradley's routine (without all the footwork). I lay the club behind the ball, with the leading edge pointing at my target. Sometimes the grass doesn't pop back up. I'm just wondering if this is indicating a line of play?
I can hit a rocketballz 6 iron. Which at 26.5 degrees,is probably closer to a 5 iron in loft.
Hey i was just wondering how you all use your warm up buckets. I was watching michael breed tonight he went through his bucket, he hit wedge, six iron  6 iron draws and fades, than driver than driver draws and fades.   Ive typically been hitting about 5 of each 60 50 9i 7i 3h driver   Ive never thought about hitting different shots with different clubs, and it got me thinking how do you all use your warm up buckets and why do u do this?   On other news i shot...
Ive only been golfing for a year and a half so, i don't have too many stories yet.  240 yard par 4 water right, bunkers left long, and short. My scramble partners are lodged up close to the green but not on. I take out driver doing at worst I'll just lose a ball. Hit a nice little fade, it curls around lands in the fringe between the 2 front bunkers, hops up on the green rolls towards the hole. Get up there and we have a 8 foot putt for eagle. I go first and miss it by 3...
SO my golf ball plugged the other day.         Hit an 8 iron, it was decently muddy out. Its just funny how you can see the dimples so perfectly, you can even see the second dimples since it was a bridgestone E6 lol. Just thought id post for everyone to look at and enjoy!
Sorry only saw the corporate buyers, and golf course buyers when i was looking on mobile. Thanks.
Hey I can't link the website to this thread yet as I'm on my mobile, but the website name is thegolfpac.com. Can't seem to find anyone selling them online. Has anyone seen something like this for in golf carts?
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