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Sorry to chime in on an old thread, but I hit driver in the vicinity of 200-230 yards depending on the day of the week, lol. I put impact tape on using a launch monitor and was blasting it 260-280. It lowered my spin considerably.
Went out and played a round today at my home course. Took an old callaway bb  warbird, backspin was crazy on it, really missed the 2, hopefully i can get my golf teacher to fix it wither tommorow or saturday. Would there be a big enough gap between a 2 wood and a 4 wood at the same length? On the bright side only lost four balls today.
What would be the effects of cutting a 47 inch long driver shaft down to 44? I know it would be stiffer but would it be strong enough to hit off the deck? I looked at the club, mentioned, but my 2 wood head is still good so id rather just reshaft, instead of buying a new club.
          Ok so was in a golf class today, teed up a ball with a cobra long tom 2 wood, the above club and remembered reading on line that its recommended to hit down on fairway woods even on the tee. As can be seen that only lasted one swing.     The 2 wood came with a 45 inch shaft, Grafalloy blackbird fairway 45 inch stiff.  I cant seem to find the fairway version of the shaft, but can find the driver length 47 inch shaft for long drivers.    Would it be...
Im mostly just wondering, i do like to keep my options open however. That and Im trying to justify the purchase in my mind, instead of sticking with an R1.....
Hey curious question here, I know the 460 cc drivers are not know for being good off the deck, but how does the Jetspeed driver do? It just look like it has a shallower face than my R1.
That would be an awesome joke...might not go over well with people at Augusta or chamblee very well
Hey, I'm going to be taking a vacation later this year, little after fourth of July, one trip is going to be down around North Carolina, but than coming back up will be a week in Virginia Beach/Norfolk area. I just need some high quality course recommendations, than some cheap course recommendations. Thanks
Hello Kew Great choice joining, This is a great site.
1: Bubba Watson -11 2:Jason Dufner  -5 3:Patrick Reed   -1
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