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My second trip to Dick's was a success. Proud owner of a 56.10 and 60.8, both M grind. Went straight to the course after the purchase. The 60 generates incredible spin. The M grind allows me to open the club up just slightly and stop the ball exactly where it lands. I'm currently gaming the e6. I didn't hit the 56, I spent 2 hours messing with the 60. I got them both in the raw black finish.
Thanks, @valleygolfer.
Today the guy there had no idea. I'm going back tomorrow, maybe the PGA pro will be in..?
I wish I could hit the 56.10 out of sand before buying it. The 60 comes in 4, 7, 8, and 11. Grinds are L, S, M, and K. Would it be not wise to get the same grind in both 56 and 60? (M). Or would that be a benefit? I enjoy opening my 60 up for flops, maybe that'll narrow this down.
I play in TN. All Bermuda fairways, some fluffy sand and some hard sand. It's not very soft around here. In the soft sand I use my 56 and open it up. In the firm sand I use my 60. But I'm more concerned with pitch shots with the wedges from fairways. I'm more of a neutral swinger. Most pitch shots I prefer to come in neutral/shallow. Sometimes I'll come in steep for a one bounce and stop shot.I bought a 56.14 and that seemed to be too much bounce for me. The 56 I'm...
I am in the market for a new set of wedges. Currently I have a 52, 56, and a 60. All three are different, I need a set that matches. The closest retail store to me is Dick's. Went there today but the guy in the golf department new nothing about the different grinds. I hit a 56 M and S. I think I liked the M grind better but couldn't really tell a difference. So I'm not sure what to buy.
Tefunk, 81 is a great score. I'd take that everyday with a smile. Randy, sounds like you'll have a good year once you get some golf under your belt. I played yesterday(85), and today(86). Yesterday I had a solid 40 on the front. I had 4-5 putts that could've just as easily went in. The back side I became sloppy as play became extremely slow. Today was a head scratching day. I had 4 birdies, which is the most in a round for me. But I also couldn't pitch/chip to save my...
Randy, how did the round go? Hopefully good!
That's going to be tough man! First round of the year on a new course. Sounds like a fun day though. Good Luck! Yeaaa 80.. Started off with 3 straight bogeys. Got a birdie on #4 and from there I started playing pretty good. My chipping/pitching is what's keeping my score down. 1 double, OB from the Tee. Grr.
Randy, I play mostly from the whites. The course that I've broke 80 on I play it from the blues now. You guys been playing any? Shot an 80 last week. I should be able to play at least once this week. Nice weather here in TN.
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