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Yes. Makes sense. Thanks.
Oh really, is that what it is?
iPhone for video. Not chatting! Obviously
Hi, I try to use the iPhone when possible at the range. I think it helps a lot. I've noticed that when I begin my downswing, the club shaft is bending away from the swing direction (as you would expect). However, as the club reaches the lower part of the swing, the club looks to be flexing the opposite and wrong direction? Is this my swing? i.e applying power too early in the swing? Or perhaps I need a stiffer shaft? I'm sure I'm losing power here. Thanks.
Thanks for the comment. I've just read the post you pointed out. It's a good post, I'm going to try it at the range. Swing is OK. But it's nowhere near as consistent as it should be after 2 years of golfing. Thanks for the feedback.
I've been Playing Golf for: 2 years ​  My current handicap index or average score is: 20ish My typical ball flight is: fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat shots / occasional hook Videos: Hi, I really struggle with a 'bobbing head' during the swing and wobbly legs!! hitting fat shots is also a problem for me. I really find it difficult to get my swing bottom in front of the ball, unless I put the ball in the centre of stance or even...
I thought I'd post this here as I learned something new today and I think it could be something a lot of beginner golfers ignore or have never truly felt I had to take an important call on the course today (tut tut). While I was on the phone I was brushing the grass with the clubhead using my left arm only. About 20 mins later I finished the call and stood on the tee ready to shoot. I realised I was suddenly more aware of the heavy weight of the clubhead. I had much...
Ok! Point taken. Back to the range! Thanks
I know... Sorry. Lol I'm going to view all the info. Thanks for pointing out the relevant thread.
I haven't yet had any critique . If there are any instructors or low handicappers then can you help?, and I appreciate it may be harder to advise cause I'm just taking a practice swing, but here are two things I cannot do - 1. Get a draw shot 2. Get good backspin on the ball Can anyone advise why this is, or what I can change to improve my chances if hitting this type of shot? Thanks!
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