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Hi all, Now it's getting cold, a couple of friends and I have decided to save our green fee's and have a golf weekend away feb-April. We're in UK. Does anyone have any reccommendations? We want to keep it as cheap as possible. What are the most popular European golf destinations? Thanks !
Thanks saevel25, that's really helpful feedback. The video is really useful too. Will definitely try to fix this. This could also be the reason I sometimes struggle to get my hands in front of the ball at impact... Because I've swayed miles away from the ball! Many thanks.
I've been Playing Golf for: 2-3 years​ My current handicap index or average score is: 90+ My typical ball flight is: straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: left and right misses Hi, Few months ago I was really struggling to hit anything at all. I've spent quite a bit of time at the range and Ive eliminated slices and fat shots. But... I still cannot easily shot 90 or less. I strike the ball quite a bit better than my playing partners,...
I'd be grateful for advice here. I've been trying to figure out why I suddenly can't hit the ball straight at all. Got so frustrated I decided to video my swing and now know the problem... For some reason I've started striking the ball with an open club face. Should I: A) work on rotating the club more or B) just take a stronger grip Any ideas on which is the best method to cure this? I want to choose whichever method is the 'correct way' to cure this problem. Thanks...
Thanks for all the good feedback. Having read the posts I think I know what my problem is. Until now, my method has been: 1. Hit 50 balls...hmm, Not great. I must not be doing something the pros do in their swing. Solution - watch some videos and replicate. 2. Hit another 50 balls... Excellent. Something went well, figure out what I changed and exaggerate it. 3. Play 9 holes with my new pro swing. Think plane, think do not roll wrists, think left shoulder down, think...
There are so many drills and tips around, I wondered what people's personal favourites are? i.e. Drills which have stuck with you and that you return to when things go off track. Also, I'm interested to hear about drills or swing thoughts that made an immediate difference. If you don't know what the drill is called... A description would be good. Thanks in advance.
Thanks David, good post. I think it's time to start again with quarter swings at the range. My problem I think is that I've tried to be too creative and have tried really hard to learn all manner of shots, although haven't mastered any of them too the point where they'll lower my scores. Maybe I've overloaded myself with swing thoughts, that I haven't now got a stock swing. I'll post back again soon. Thanks
I hope so. It happened at a time I really wanted to play well.. I was with people who I was playing with for 1st time and had been previously telling how good I was getting. So embarrassing.
I wonder if anyone has experienced this.... I have been playing for 2 or 3 years and have made steady progress. I'm a bit of a tinkerer and have paid a lot of attention to everything about the golf swing. Around 1 month ago I was shooting low 90's and could easily control trajectory, playing gentle draws and fades on command. Then suddenly, I had 1 bad round and now I cannot hit the ball at all. It's like I've just picked up a club for the 1st time. When I'm addressing...
Yes. Makes sense. Thanks.
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