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How is the Pure grip in the rain??  Currently use golf pride 2g and they are awful rain grips. 
G25 is the easiest to hit 3 wood off the deck and the tee in my opinion.  High launching too. 
I switched over to the B330 S.  Feels great around the greens and less spin for me with the driver.   Played the Prov1x previously. 
Just curious how long is your course?  What kind of clubs are you hitting into par 4s? 
I'm obsessed with my G25 3 wood.  Thing is just so butter. 
Working at a busy course were used to about 4.5 hour rounds on weekends, but a 5 hour round at 7 AM is pretty dang awful.  Our early bird groups are typically finishing in 3-3.5 hours. 
If you had 3 OBS there is your answer.  If you know there is an OB in play off the tee pull out a 3 wood or something you can get out there straight. 
If you shoot low 90s pretty consistently chances are you can break 85 with just better golf management.
Rarely hit balls.. The course I play at has a 120 yard pitching green so I just practice wedges from 120 and in from this distance and bunkers.  Then practice a lot of putting. 
About 5 years ago in a high school match when I was a senior this kid I was playing with 3 putted 3 holes in a row and then proceeded to hit his putter for every single shot for the rest of the round.  He had 7 holes remaining when this happened.  
New Posts  All Forums: