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Worst round this year... 95 Best round this year... 69 Average score this year is probably 78ish
I'm simply not good enough to get mad.  That is my mindset.
How could you possibly be confident with your swing if you are using incorrect clubs?  There is a reason you're hooking the ball.
No point for me to use a 60, if i need more loft i can deloft my 56 to play with more loft.
I've had some awful back nines, but I had a buddy do this in a tournament he was like a 5 handicap was 2 under for a 34 on the front and followed it with a 46 on the back nine for an 80... Didn't even get in the money.  
He is to competitive to retire. 
6 and a half hours for nine holes?  That has to be exaggerated.  45minutes per hole i don't see it not matter how busy the course and if there was 6 groups waiting on every hole there would be 216 people playing the front nine alone.  there isn't even close to being enough tee times for that. 
Playing a round in Reno, I witnessed my dad getting an ace on a short par 4... It was like 322 or something slight downhill dead straight.   My dad is also a golfer professional so it was like his 6 or 7th ace. O:
Get to a 0 HDC
I'm glad I am not in Ohio anymore!!!   Moved out to Reno Nevada and about 8 months ago moved to San Diego County
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