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Get to a 0 HDC
I'm glad I am not in Ohio anymore!!!   Moved out to Reno Nevada and about 8 months ago moved to San Diego County
Shot 74 and kind of bummed about it even though that is a solid round only because... I had a 12 foot birdie putt on number 1 and i 3 putt for bogey 2 foot part putt on 2 and i missed it 3 putt on number 9 for bogey
Seriously don't listen to all the haters that are telling you that you cannot achieve your goal.  Anything is possible, it is going to be incredibly difficult, but if you're willing to out work everybody you can make it.  You're still young so you can focus hard on golf for 4-5 years and if you happen to fall short there are tons of awesome golf opportunities out there for you besides playing.
Why even waste time, just work on your game pass your PAT and start the PGA program.  Degrees from PGCC and GAA are useless. 
Was playing in a four ball match, we were down 1 going into the par 5 number 18.  I hit an alright drive, my ball comes to rest sort of embedded in the rough, tried to dig it out and barely get it down and it rolls like 100 yards.  So i'm 210 out I take out my 4 iron hit a perfect shot over the creek in front of the green and it ends up 7 feet away.  Unfortunately I missed the birdie putt to win the match and we lost one down. :(
Played nine holes shot 37 with 2 birdies and 3 3 putt bogeys.  Game is rapidly improving since moving to SoCal!  Hit 8/9 GIR got up and down on the one i wasn't on the GIR.
If you believe in buying a new 400+ dollar driver every single year is going to help you more than 400+ dollars worth of lessons.
How is the Pure grip in the rain??  Currently use golf pride 2g and they are awful rain grips. 
G25 is the easiest to hit 3 wood off the deck and the tee in my opinion.  High launching too. 
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