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Had first high school golf match of the year (which we lost by 6 because of a group getting disqualified for a bad card) and shot an 88.  Putting was really the thing working, I didn't count putts but it seemed like everything was going in (including a 40 foot par putt).  42+46=88.  Next match thursday at a MUCH easier course, so hopefully a good result comes from that!
42+48=90 ..  Drives were great, and the putter was just on fire.  Only thing that was inconsistent was irons, but I'll take that if the drives and putting are on.  Makes me confident for Tuesday match.
You Found Me -- The Fray
Brian Regan is the funniest guy I have ever heard
Not a bad front nine, but got overshadowed by a PATHETIC back nine.. It was like I just hated golf in the second nine.. So shot a 98, with a +10 46 on the front, and a +16 52 on the back.. The front nine started Par, bogey, par, so I figured it was going to be a good day.. Then right where I fall apart every round, I did so again today, going triple double triple, but finished the front with par par par.  Then started the back with a lost drive and a triple on the hardest...
Considering this is the last round for the week for me, I'll figure out my best shot of the week now.  I would have to say my best shot was a 6 iron off the tee of a par three (170 downhill). I put it within 2 feet, and made the birdie putt.  Coming close a lot lately to getting that ace, but it hasn't happened.  One day, one will go in haha..
Rough round score wise, but was actually hitting the ball very consistently.  Almost every drive was in the fairway, chips were good, but putting let me down.. Had 19 putts in 9, and a couple bad irons.. Chips were great though. Started one over through three, but finished double, double, double, bogey, double, triple.. It felt like I was playing to shoot about a 40, but finshed with a +13 49.. Sigh, tomorrow is a new day, when I'll play 18
Wow, fwhat surprised me the most was that people who posted to this thread weren't just like 10+ Handicaps.. Everyone has bad days I guess..
I just finished reading The Scarlet Letter, and am currently reading "A world lit only by fire; the medieval mind and the renaissance, portrait of an age". Plus I just ordered Lowest score wins, so I am about to startreading that once it comes in.
There is one friend I have that (because we both work in a community that has a golf course) plays a round with me once every year, and I am trying to get him to join the golf team, and I made this like packet to explain everything about golf.  SO, I'm in.
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