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I have never had a lesson in golf in my life.. that being said I started to notice that these people that had expensive gear clubs you name it, they had it, but yet I somehow knew how to just golf.. idk why I have played every sport you can name and not to brag but i have done very well at it.. if I had a coach or what have you mentor me I think I can be very good at the game of golf....
A beer,cigar's and a NIKE 5 iron can't go wrong..
I have played only in my life about 12 rounds of golf. mind you.. using clubs that are way to big for me being 5'8 and my dad is 6'3 and still I have people asking me how do I hit the ball so well... I tell them I just don't think and hit it... saying that id love to here some of your thoughts and tips about golf in general. I don't even know what a handicap is.. thank you much love
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