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Tiger has to get the driver back in his bag, once he starts hitting fairways everything else will follow.
I simply can't understand how he could do this after winning this tournament only 2 years ago, the silly backhand was a longer putt to begin with, if Tiger wants to be there sunday he is going to need the driver to be straight, he is -2 on the par 3's and 5's each but +1 on the par 4's.
77 par 72 rate 69.1 slope 121   Sometimes I feel the need to tee it up on an easier course just to regain a little confidence, my home course forward tees are 131 slope.
Up another .1 but the most important thing now is I finally eliminated the ugly hook I have been fighting for over 6 months, maybe more like 2 years but it has steadily gotten worse until I realized a issue with my grip was the main cause, played 9 yesterday without 1 severe hook, I tugged a few left but no ugly snappers like I would have before, usually 1 or 2 per round and those things cost at least 3-4 strokes a round. I really need to put in some range time today and...
There was another guy a couple years back that qualified for the us open that had a putt hang on the lip but then fell in, you could see the initial let down of knowing you just missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to sudden elation, I think this story embodies the true spirit of the game and unfortunately the regular season should be more open itself but corporate sponsors will not allow it.
I don't think Dan even deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as Mr. Singleton.
76 par 72 rate 72.5 slope 135 front 38 back 38 net 65  index 2.9 3rd place   This was a 2 man alternate shot best ball so I will not be posting this score, I really thought me and my partner had a good shot at winning this thing he gets 14 and I had 8 so we got 11 shots all together, we started off well with pars on the first 3 holes and then I chipped in for birdie on the #2 indexed hole for a net eagle and adding the net birdie on the first hole we where already 3...
So that would mean 140,000 total hours if he would devote 10,000 to each club, in real terms if he treated it like a full time job then it would take 70 years to put in that many hours, the reality to this whole experiment was he wasn't a good test subject from the start, from the little I know about Dan is that he was never much of an athlete prior to this, his wiki page says he played tennis and ran cross country most likely in high school. IMO I think a real subject...
I used to be able to play some of my best golf with a good buzz but I don't drink near as much anymore and it just doesn't do that anymore.
So if I'm understanding this correctly a player could in fact ground his club in the bunker if the ball is in a position showed in the video?
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