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Typical moron
The 2 "YUTES" was classic
Paul Newman to Tom Cruise in "Color of Money"   "I got to hand it to you kid, you got me talking to myself"   Laughed my ass off yesterday when "My cousin Vinny" was on.   When Pesci is sleeping in the DA's cabin in the woods and that owl shreeks   "WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT?"
Right, and because of that he should have caught on that it was a "loaded" question that has no way of being answered without causing controversy.
Regardless of facts I think Rory should have just declined to answer a question like that, honestly answering something like that would be for Phil or Tiger to do and I'll bet Rory probably wishes he didn't get asked that question but these are reporters and of course tactfulness is not synonymous with that title.
Down from 6.7, well it's a definite move in the right direction and it really only took a couple good rounds at the end of the period to do it. I'm swinging the club probably the best I have all year so I think I may wind up with a few really low ones in the near future and get back down to 5.0 or lower.
  People see this crazy shit and figure "what the hell let's have some fun too" the last wreck scared the crap out of everyone there.
Where I marshal at is a hilly course and I'm constantly telling people to please not drive on the hills and there are warnings all over the place, sometimes people just can't be protected from themselves.
82 front 41 back 41 ESC 80 rate 73.4 slope 139 indexed 5.4   4 birdies 4 pars 8 bogeys 1 double 1 quad   12/14 FIR 8/18 GIR 30 Putts 2 lost ball penalties ( resulted in double and quad on back to back holes... erase those 2 and I shot 76 )   I know I'm getting close and I just have to learn to relax and let it start happening I have shot even par rounds before so I know I can do it it's just a matter of getting out of the way and letting things happen, my...
I agree and upon further research Stewart was 42 when he died so in reality I doubt he may have made that much of an impact like a Tony Lema with Jack. Scratch it.
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