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Wasn't Brady for the most part uncooperative and reluctant to allow access to his cell phone and in fact had it destroyed but his previous 2 were still with him? I know public opinion should not have weight in a legal matter but his behavior didn't look at all like someone not hiding something.
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Yep, I have been as low as 4.3 and at that time I was stretching it a bit I realize now but I turn 50 next sunday and think I may be able to get those last 3 or 4 strokes off  my index before I get too much older I play alongside a lot of older guys who are low single digits like 1's and 2's and I'm hoping to get good enough to play alongside them, I definitely hit the ball far enough still it's just narrowing those misses and tightening up the short game will get me there...
I don't know them and they don't know me, if they for some reason act in a not so distinguished way and someone I know sees it I'll just figure it was a rare moment for the guy and he regrets it probably, being under a microscope is just that every single thing you say and do is scrutinized to every extent, I'm sure there are plenty of jerks on tour just as much as there have been on @thesandtrap so basically it just proves they are human beings also no better no worse and...
I'm a little jealous of you guys in the 20ish range, I think getting at or below 5 is within reach but I do need to make a few changes with my equipment in the near future to help this happen (new irons).
Because I have seen so much of this sort of thing I try to avoid it as much as possible, however when I first started posting scores in the GHIN system I was guilty of shaving a stroke here or there for the first few months until I saw the first calculated index then stopped altogether, I felt I was definitely a single digit index and didn't want to have to post anything over a double on my scores so when I shot a 85 or 86 I would change it to 84 or 83 for one reason or...
I'm mainly concerned with my irons 7 through wedges since I need all the spin I can get, my home course has very firm greens that are difficult to hold, I take the wire side of the brush to make sure they are completely clean.
You have only 13 rounds posted, meaning you haven't got the 10 revision scores that normally equate an index, even though you may shoot some good rounds right now your also increasing the number of rounds that are in your revision so some of those higher scores may now get included when they may not have before.
That would never work because the club would hit the other end of this 4" square hole.
He's blaming the mats for his injury? All credibility is out the window now, not saying hitting off mats wont cause problems but it probably will be no further than a wrist or elbow soreness at most. His injury is caused from an out of synch swing with little athleticism in it, Dans swing is not very connected to his body and therefore causes stress on his body in unnatural ways, also notice he's hooding his irons on takeaway, he's really reaching for anything that might...
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