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Okay so the team that will win the NFC south division is going to be 8-8 at best, right now Carolina leads with a 5-8-1 record, more than likely the division winner will probably win only 6 or 7 games, imagine a division winner with a 6-10 record...disgusting, the NFL needs to do something so this never can happen again.
If your just hitting balls then your not getting much in return, swing changes are done slowly with breaking down the movements by sequence, you need to spend time checking where your at when your moving at certain positions. The deal is learn it slowly and then speed it up gradually.
Flew internationally with mine checked with clubs no problem
I always count all strokes
I realized when I posted there is probably someone who does this but it's just that I have seen so many people that are not good players do it this way it just seems they are trying to use their hands too much with this method.
I believe Tiger grips it similar
I watched again and realized that most of the players I have seen putt that way are not single digit handicap with the index finger down the shaft, this was staged and this guy is just some hack.
Hopefully so with the renovation, as far as the whole tantrum episode maybe also it is meant to show people how stupid they appear when they get so pissed off about something as irrelevant as a casual round of golf, so maybe it does serve a purpose.
I am cooking awesome spaghetti
85   front 45 back 40  rate 72.5 slope 135   F 7/14 G 4/18 P 35   1 birdie 3 pars 14 bogies   Okay the course just opened after 3" of rain yesterday and was a sloppy mess but my driving of the golf ball was just horrendous, I have the hooks and they are not going away anytime soon I can feel, I did however pull it together some on the back and probably should have shot sub 40 just missed a couple putts and one from less than 2 feet, no real disaster holes so...
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