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I think he definitely will win another, and the real question is will he have another hot streak in his career, I don't expect anything like 01' and 02' but I think it's very possible he could suddenly get his game clicking again to a dominate level, I think he could have a run in his early 40's that could have him winning 2 or 3 majors by the time he hits 45 after that it's hard to say what his health will allow.
Yes the slope has to be much higher than that, more like 145 would probably be more realistic, I don't think I would break 90 for at least the first 5 rounds. I would just love to putt on those greens though, the consistency of those greens is what makes that course so unbelievable and of course the wicked breaks would be a blast to actually roll a ball over. Hitting the fairways is not really any harder than most other courses it's getting the approaches to stay on the...
Not a fan, something about him just doesn't win me over for the guy, I admire his ability and he does have some of the best hands on tour but his style of play looks too gimmicky to me, also the berating the caddy act or no act is just lame, he needs to get a different outlet on the course instead of his right hand man.
Would not recommend it for a blade though, it just will take away all the feel.
Try changing things by either a different grip or putter grip or a different putter you may have around the house, not trying to advocate changing putters all the time but some times it can help, how many times have we heard of a tour pro either contending or winning an event by simply changing something with either the method they putt with or the putter itself. Sometimes a whole new fresh look at things can give new confidence as well.
Balut, and watch them run
At one of our local courses hole #8 is a dogleg right with a house I measured on google earth at 175 yards from the tee on the right side at the inside point of the dogleg, this place looks like it's in Beruit with all the pock marks in the stucco but what is even worse is that the damn tees are aimed directly at the home. Better players usually fly over the left side of the home to take yardage off the hole while lesser players usually nail this place.
Okay so it looks like the 3rd of May could possibly work out, lets see what some more northern Californians think of that day or another.
Hey guys it's been really quiet on this thread for a while now, was wondering if we can get a game going before the end of the month or shortly after, I'm finally going to see a more normal work schedule I hope in the coming months so my time is a little easier to commit to now. Was thinking either the 26th of this month or the 3rd of May, what do you guys think?
You need to fix that posture issue before anything else, swinging with that setup will get you back problems very soon, don't know why your doing that but Erik even showed one of your older setup pics just to show you that that setup is not needed.
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