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Is this guy ok? He just sounds mentally unstable to me the way he describes whatever it is he's trying to do here. He obviously is very impressed with himself and would not be someone I would trust any of my swing instruction to.  
Even though I live in a 365 golf zone that grinds my gears as well, supposed to rain and only reach mid 50's tomorrow. 75% chance at 7am tee off time 50F*, I hate winter even though I can play through most of it here. I couldn't play over the past 6 weeks and the weather was gorgeous during most of that time and when I finally get free this is what's there to greet me. I know some of you guys would take this in a heartbeat but it still isn't 85* no wind and sunny.
Was this it? November 17:  Wanted to practice at Riverside, but they had 18 temp greens, the putting and chipping greens were frozen and the range balls off of the mats felt like rocks. I hit about 15 balls and decided there were better things to be focussing on.    I think that's okay he wants to do something else but he needs to specify to some degree, it really sounds more like he just doesn't want to hit balls in the cold. Maybe I'm being too critical of the guy but...
Well you got me there, I just assumed since it's Oregon the rainfall amounts are going to be significantly more than what we get here in N CA, plus my home course is probably one of the driest and  fastest  here in the east bay. they also cut water consumption by 30%.
I'm currently at 45* 50* 54* 58*, but I'm seriously considering doing the same sort of thing, I may have 58* moved to 57* and the 54* taken down to 52* and the 45* bent  to 46* and ditch the 50*, I'm finding the 54* is being hardly used.
Bingo!!! I have felt this from the very first time I ever saw the guy, I don't mean it as a knock on him but more of a testament of how much of a natural athlete you have to be in order to excel at this game, very few of us have the natural ability to reach even scratch level let alone world elite status and I guess the fact Dan believes or tries to impress upon others that he has a legitimate shot is why he catches so much crap/ doubt from this forum, but of course there...
What the hell am I doing wrong?  I know I suck just don't tell me.
Thankful to be alive and be able to enjoy all the great things it has to offer.
Sure a more accomplished player but I think Dan would never try it, I know I can do it and you probably can as well but there are a lot of people who wouldn't even try.
New Posts  All Forums: