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The galleries of real fans of golf need to police this themselves to some degree if they want it to go away, I have been to sporting events where they display a number you can send text message to security to report the bad behavior, I have seen this work on many occasions and it does, idiots need to learn that just because event security isn't watching at that moment that they are still being watched.
81 front 40 back 41  rate 72.6 slope 135 indexed 7.0 Putts 33 Frw 9/14 GIR 9/18   Have not been playing very much since buying new home but hope to change that in the next couple months.
I just can't believe that anyone would do that to Shorty. Sad world we live in.
Lihu... How do you shank a driver by the way?
 I remember being in winterhaven right by Yuma in February and it's barely 60's and these canadiens are walking around no shirts on (just the men). It can reach low 100's where I live also and we always are careful to drink plenty of beer. (kidding) water.
That's only a 500 mile flight and they already got $1,200.00 from the guy? I understand he made choices beforehand but my god that's a bit steep when compared to my family flying to southeast asia at $1,500.00 a ticket covering 15,000 miles with a connection flight. Also children get a discounted rate I thought.
 Beyond impressed, but I believe you also, it's just I know those last few strokes from a 5 down to 0 are some of the hardest to get past. What would be one of the first things you would want to do with his swing from the little you have seen?
I'll agree that there are some with proficient swings that still get hurt, do something long enough it's bound to find something to hurt and that's probably the case, obviously a lot of players with good fundamentals have put in the time to get there, a more recreational player swinging the club closer to right versus wrong IMO will definitely hurt himself less frequent.
It's just an average, good players know that you want maximum height on the ball to get maximum distance. Also most people will not play in 40mph winds the game just gets too difficult especially on a hard course. Our par 3 thirteenth hole is always in the prevailing wind and from 235 yards it plays like a 350 yard hole.
That's what I meant in an earlier post, he could probably get a full membership at a nice public facility with unlimited golf and range balls with $250 left over for instruction.
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