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I know we don't know yet but I hope it's not painkillers, opiates are very difficult to stop and he did have an injury where he probably was prescribed vicodin at the very least, cocaine is just so dangerous for someone with the kind of money he has, most people just can't afford that stuff all the time but someone with millions can really do some damage however I didn't notice DJ looking much thinner lately so that probably isn't it.
I have wondered this as well but it appears anytime spent at the golf course counts as time against the clock, I think he's counting anything he does that is related to his golf game as hours counted.
I think Arnie is one of those guys that spans the era's and would have been successful with his swing even with todays equipment, the guy knew only one way to play and that was off the back of the cup which works even now. I vote ARNIE long live THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!
You sound like a really nice person who doesn't like it when things get escalated and I respect that, however sometimes letting things continue will just make it worse, I played in a tournament last year and my partner told me one of the guys in our group mentioned I was slow, well needless it did affect me and also I'm not a slow player but anyways I just let it build until the 11th hole and I just let it out on the guy right there on the green, he backed up about 10...
I'm sorry I got rid of them but I had a set of Adams a4 irons with Aldila NV shafts which were very nice, I just wasn't swinging the club well or properly during the time I owned them and bought another set.
Just take it as a lesson learned that you don't let anyone slight the rules even if it's a 9 instead of a 10 it's still a stroke that would have made an obvious difference, the making noise crap should have stopped after the first incident no tolerance on that, I guess the only satisfaction is that you know you won, only he stole it from you in the end, next time don't be so nice.
This is really a case by case determination, personally I would never let my daughter at 10 now walk alone to school even it's just not safe enough. We have registered offenders in the area and an unknown number of non registered that concerns me the most. I guess living just a few miles from where that guy "Philip Garrido" held that girl captive for 18 years probably would have something to do with it also.
Dan said the 10,000 hour theory wasn't the initial test? He comes across as more of a dreamer than someone testing a theory and having a real plan, it has been brought up before and the fact he didn't do any real documentation of correlation of practice/results it takes on the appearance of shooting in the dark versus a thought out process.
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8 iron and then my 58* vokey, driver used to be but it has been betraying me for a while but I think I may have figured out it's problem today and if I did the rest of the year is going to be fun.
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