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100% agree, also the 130 slope part is spot on, the forward mens tees at my home course are rated 131, and when we ever see a group of very new golfers the marshals have to pay extra close attention to these groups to make sure they keep up, personally I don't think this course is a good place for beginner golfers to play, the mid tees have a recommendation of 4.6-12.1 and of course the forwards are 12.1 and up but honestly I wouldn't recommend anyone over an 18 should...
+3.4  I think it drops off a bit from there to +1 or so but then there are a lot of guys right at zero.
No it's not wrong, only the way you verbalize it would be, Dan's complete naiveness at the start was accepted as that by most, I think what started turning more people off was his self promotion tactics and later the inconsistency in his posting raised many eyebrows (handicap vs anticap made little sense) and then his tournament scores really exposed his ability at a much lower level than he wanted anyone to see. Someone even who met personally with him said he's...
Agreed 4 hours maximum is plenty of time, now write your congressman and lets get this rolling.
About time somebody shined some light on him, way to go @Pretzel. Looks to me Dan is running out of steam to continue his schedule, He only averaged 100 hours a month this past summer, I get the feeling he is losing more and more interest in working on his game and instead would rather just play casual rounds, this was posted also by someone who actually met with Dan. If he keeps going at this rate it's going to be sometime late 2017 by the time he finishes.
Unless the shaft in his 7 iron is somewhere around 43"  Dan can't swing a 7 iron that fast, nowhere near that fast.
He is, didn't you hear Dan has a higher smash factor and swing speed with his 7 iron than the average touring pro, http://thesandtrap.com/t/45853/the-dan-plan-10-000-hours-to-become-a-pro-golfer/1800
The club I belong to has the lowest average index in the state of CA, in fact in our weekend games I get categorized in the not so low index page. Anyways I see both sides of what the OP is referring to quite often, thankfully there is more acceptance than disdain on the surface at least but who knows what people say amongst themselves and since I'm one of the high index guys I'm not in that loop.
In Dan's defense it may be possible the flight scope like he said will not throw anything out that is not solid evidence, however I find that highly unlikely, Also the guy/salesman with the flight scope is doing a good job hiding the fact he's trying to sell Dan a new set of sticks would be more believable. I'm not doing it but it sure would be funny if someone were to post this info in his blog. Also Dan may be full of crap about his numbers and lies to make his donators...
Had a tournament today and my partner just killed me a few times chunking easy chips, I told him to keep firm wrists cause he likes to flip the club at the ball.
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