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460 or 430? 57 or 65 speeder? I need to update my profile because I no longer own a sldr though the reason rests on me I believe more than the club, I was not clearing properly and getting stuck with my driver swing and consequently flipping through the hitting zone causing a weak pull hook, but when I did swing it well from time to far away time this club was very long, I really wish I would have waited to get rid of it because I now think I may want it back lol.
The really annoying thing about it is the rules people are usually breaking are the simple ones, count your strokes, play it where it lies, take the correct penalty for a lost or OB ball, I know there are plenty more rules but those seem to be the most abused, if I had to pick one that gets abused the most it's the lost ball penalty, if they decide to take a penalty it will be something resembling a lateral hazard penalty and god forbid you bring it up, I did that to my...
September will be fine, it's just I would really like to see at least 4 or prefer to have 8, as far as course I suggested Trilogy in Rio Vista is okay but it has to be early morning or else the wind is crazy, also Spanos in north Stockton is decent as well, honestly I don't really care where it winds up being I just would like to finally see us northern CA guys put an outing together.
The one on the right looks like he's getting worked over by that little hill.
Never play with that guy if there is anything on it, that sort of thing will just take you out of your game and you will play worse, I have a friend I recently reacquainted with and we played a little over a month ago and I noticed much of the same thing going on, he thinks he's a much better player than what he is and others have called him out on it but of course they are all haters according to him, I know I'm much better than him but he says I might give him a...
Just be careful of anyone getting too smashed out there, fortunately your at a private club so that will not be often if at all and try not to distract anyone when driving along and stay far enough back if players are hitting toward you, you just never know how far some people can hit it so try to be at least 250 yards or more away, 300 would probably be best.
Doesn't it say on the ticket stubb at baseball games that batted balls can fly into the stands and that the bearer of this ticket has no legal right to find those who hit the ball liable for injuries? I think this exactly paralells having a home adjacent to a golf course, the stands are not part of the baseball field just like the house is not on the golf course but those who decide to put themselves in close proximity are assuming the risk of either property damage or...
Would Rio Vista be out of the question? Spanos is a decent track on 8 mile drive north Stockton.
ESC or escape in this case. I remember when playing overseas the golf course required players  to buy "players insurance", it was not much but I'm sure it covered things like this.
Any chance we could get a 4 together before summers over?
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