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89 first round in over 2 months away. drove the ball decently just had a few blow up holes and couldn't putt to save my life.
Three strokes off the way he describes it is a 10 turning into a 7 a few months later, reality is those 3 strokes are tougher than going from 18 all the way to 3.
When I leave for home in the next few weeks I may try and meet him if I have the time, I did bring my clubs. I haven't played a single round for 2 months because of work. Probably get spanked.
Pick me up on the way down
He's regressing
I would love to do this just not sure about my schedule during then, how much are we figuring this trip would cost once in Phoenix I would probably drive down.
Establish your own style and go for it.
Was having one of my best rounds ever on a challegnging course rate 73.7  slope139  shot 35 one under on the front and was even through 14, bogeyed 15 which no big deal but then took a quad on 16 bogey on 17 and double on 18 to finish at 80 just beyond pissed off at that moment.
Well what Dan is doing is looping it, and at least he's looping it to the rear which would be more Hoganesque but Hogan never took the club that far to the outside ever so sorry to all the Hogan lovers but it looks almost like he's trying something like that,it's a powerful move when done correctly like Sergio and Dustin but Dan isn't even close.
Not listening would be more accurate, but the other is obviously not able to comprehend and apply it physically.
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