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7.5  I know this has to stop eventually, hard to imagine getting above 8 but I was a 8.7 3 years ago so I guess anything is possible.
Lowest 9 holes shot 2 under 34 on 139 slope 36 par, lowest 18 was even 72 on slope 135 rate 72.5.
It's really a great way to start making bad swing changes to compensate for the injury and then once you recovered you now have a new swing flaw to try and fix, no matter how bad you want to get out it's just not worth it.
Just announced terrific price on Titleist staff bag on EBAY today barely used, got lost on it's way to Scotland and detoured through Columbia.
Congrats, so is this a hole you have come close to acing before? From what I have heard from a lot of people who have had them is it's on a hole they have good success on. 30+ years and never had one other than a lip out albatross but the par 3 I'm having good luck with is pretty awesome at 175 yards downhill with a sliver green behind a enormous bunker down entire right side.
 Stablers stats with the Raiders are what would put him into the hall, by the time he went to Houston and NO he was well in his twilight and remember QB's back then sat for at least 2 years sometimes even longer unlike now, Kenny didn't even get a chance to play until the age of 25 and that was only in clean up time for Lamonica Raider stats ATT  2481  COMP 1486 % 59.9 Yards 19,078 TD 150 INT 143 Best year at 31 years of age ATT 291 COMP 194 %66.7 YARDS 2737  TD 27 INT 17...
Yep, most people don't understand that being scratch doesn't mean most of your scores hover around par, I know many low digit and + index guys who get very hot one day and then wild the next but because the 10 worst scores are discarded  they wind up with a very low index, I knew one guy shot 64 one day then 87 the next so you just never know.
My front lawn is well...dead
New Posts  All Forums: