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That is a problem that someone will need to enlighten Dan about, it's one thing if certain aspects of the club isn't allowing the player to perform at his best but Dan isn't very close to that level, other than a slight bend flat or upright on a standard set he's still got a ways to go that fine tuning a set would make any difference. Until a player gets near scratch or better most off the shelf sets will do just fine other than minor adjustments, a slice of humble pie may...
All the delusional "I can be on tour" should take a look at this before they start a thread for themselves, at the very least it will make them take a more serious look at it.
I have shot a hillside behind a green with the laser thinking I hit the flag and wind up air mailing the green by 20 yards
Hack job
Maybe for us but Dan plays quite a bit more than we do so I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt some to him but if that were just a normal 50 rounds a year guy then yes that's a lot of gear changing going on.
New member and no one checks to make sure they post accurate, there is one tournament round posted that is 10 strokes higher than the other casual rounds. I was told this was going on by someone who knows him very well.
More like the 16 to 18 range
The rare times he would make good contact sure it went further but what good does that do? And yes extremely wild basically cannot maintain balance even after practice swings.
I was hitting second all day. Pressure was on me.
Just played a 2 man scramble with suspected VC   Fairways   5/14 VC   11/14 me   Greens   3/18 VC   14/18 me   I did have a good day but according to him he's only 1 shot higher index, this is what a vanity capper can do to someone in a team tournament, under normal conditions I would feel real good about my chances but because I not only have to cover my index but his erroneous one as well.
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