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I'm sold on the Super Slim 3.0. My putts per round had really come down since I started using the Super Stroke grip.
Agreed, I don't think that it goes against the spirit of the game. If these putters are against the "rules" shouldn't we all be hitting hand-carved clubs and feather-stuffed leather balls?   P.S. I use a regular shafted putter.
I went back to the Cleveland Tour Action REG. 588 Gun Metal wedges, I really like the quality that teh manufacturer put into these models. The playablilty and look sold me.
I currently use a driver that I have loved and hit well for a few years. It is a Ping G5 9 degree with an Aldila NV 65-S 350 Shaft. I can work the ball left-to-right and right-to-left with it equally as well, I want something that I can work the ball with and something that is that looks more traditional. I am currently thinking about the Titleist 913D3. Do any of you play this particular model and can give me your thoughts on it? Thanks!
 THIS! I also like the bigger grip (I use a Super Stroke Slim 3.0), it helps me to remember to use my shoulders in the putting stroke rather than in my wrist/hands. I would recommend trying one if you are having trouble on the greens. My putts per round went down significantly when I changed to the Super Strike grips. Hope this helps!
This maybe a little late for a reply but I just came across this thread. I live in Southeast Georgia where the humidity in the spring and summer stays around 80-90% and my grips get pretty sweaty so I have used a simple solution to clean my grips for a few years now. I mix comet cleanser and water into a paste and then scrub the grips with a non-wire club brush. rinse them and tehm let them air dry. The grips are super tacky and clean as if they were brand new. No solvent...
Thanks for all the help. I will be getting that process started.
They were like that when they were given to me, I tend to hit the ball really high and these irons (Snake Eyes FMC-1) allow me to keep the ball flight under control.
I do but the set I currently have are 2 degrees strong. Hopefully the gap created by that will be filled by these wedges.
I just ordered a set of Cleveland wedges. 47,51,& 60 degrees. Can't wait for them to come in, they are the old 588 R.T.G. GUN METAL black series. Thoughts?
New Posts  All Forums: