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Finally broke the 20 mark and officially at 19.5 today...bogey golf here I come...hahaha!!!
 Ditto, I played the Callaway SuperSofts last fall when the weather started getting cold and liked those so I tried the Chrome Softs early this season.  They were fine for the most part but I couldn't stand them on the green either, just could not get a feel for them off the putter at all.  Probably just in my head, but my putting seems to have improved since I've gone back to my normal ball.
Crazy good day for me yesterday, shot a 40/41 - 81 at the home course (it's a par 70 course).  Never scored this well before (a good day for me is low 90's with the rare dip into the high 80's), just played out of my socks.  Only thing I can figure is my last 2 rounds were at 2 extremely difficult and new courses for me so maybe getting back to a familiar course helped, but still it was insane.   I've been hitting my irons and putting relatively well all year but have...
90% of my chipping/pitching is done with my PW (45) or GW (50).  The other 10% is probably split equally between an 8i and my 56 degree SW.  My thought process is to try to get really comfortable with one or two clubs around the green. 
I srtarted taking lessons again in mid-February. The place I go to happens to also have an indoor facility so I thought it would be a good way to knock the rust off and start the year with getting the fundamentals back under my belt. It feels great to swing a club again, only downside is I really can't practice what I'm being taught much between lessons. I figure its better than nothing though.
This may sound stupid, when it comes to my score it's all about how I'm hitting my irons/wedges without question BUT when it comes to how I feel about my round more often then not it's how I feel I was hitting my driver (if that makes any sense). Put another way, I'm usually loving life when I'm hitting my driver well but I've also found that my best rounds almost always more closely correlate to how well I'm hitting my approach shots (even when I'm having one of THOSE...
+1 for Eagles Landing, played there last summer, great course and the staff was fantastic. Would play there again in a heart beat. Only downside, no driving range.
Yes I do (unfortunately...haha). I use a phone app to keep track of my stats during the round and afterwards I try to replay each hole in my head to see what I did well and where I could improve. My recall is better on my home course, though, since it's easier for me to visualize each hole in greater detail.
I use a golf app on my phone (Golf Shot). I enter my score/stats after each hole (usually on my way to the next tee). I use a pencil/scorecard as a back-up too.
Physically speaking, I'd have to say I'd max out at about 3 rounds a week, especially if I threw in one or two range sessions a week on top of playing.
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