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Certainly the state of the industry and economy played major factors, but based on my own experience in our area, I don't get the sense Dick's did a particularly good job in differentiating itself from any of the specialty stores as the place to go to get your golf equipment. I'm not an online shopper so I always buy my stuff at a retail location and the closest Dick's is within a mile of the local Golfsmiths. Pricing is the same but the selection is just better at the...
Sadly, I've given up on worrying about pace of play (others that is, not my own). As much as I would love to be able to get in a 3 or 3.5 hour round, it's the exception and I don't see that changing anytime soon for a multitude of reasons already mentioned in this and similar threads. It's a shame really since I think I would play a lot more if I could go and get in 9 in under 2 hours but more often then not when I have a limited amount of time I'll just hit the range...
44/48, 92 on the home course on Friday. Hitting the ball OK, not a lot of fairways/greens but also not missing by much either and avoided any real trouble for the most part. Short game wasn't great, but the putting was decent enough to avoid a lot of blow-up holes.
I struggle with this too but haven't found a complete fix yet. Lately, I've tried avoiding the driving range the day before I plan on playing just to keep the mileage down on the body. I also keep off the range the day after a round just to give myself time to recover. On the plus side, forcing myself not to go to the range gives me an excuse to practice my chipping/pitching on those days which has helped.
Since I've started playing again I've gotten invited to 4 or 5 scrambles for work. Mainly fund-raising events for our clients and usually on some of the nicest courses in our area. These are courses I probably wouldn't get to play otherwise and would I rather play my own ball...absolutely...but I figure it beats being at work anyday and at least I'm swinging a club under conditions closer to a real round then if I were practicing on a range. Besides, there's no beer...
 +1For me, it usually manifests itself in a very weak slice with my woods and longer irons. Been a real scorecard killer for me too, seems like every round has consisted of a decent front 9 (which for me is something in the mid-40s) followed by a back 9 painfully hanging onto to something in the low 50s. Still working through some swing changes and it's becoming pretty obvious to me that when I get tired I quickly revert back to bad/sloppy habits.
 HAHAHAHA...sorry about that. I know there are many times I've thought about taking up something less stressful myself...I've often wondered if maybe wrestling live alligators would be easier, at least with that you only get one mistake. Golf is a gift that keeps giving and, what's worse, is we keep coming back.
Or maybe even a sublte "hey, have you ever thought about taking up shuffle board"
I've been known to throw out a premature "nice shot" off the tee. My eye's arent what they used to be so it's usually a shot that looks great for the first 100-150 yards or so and then veers off into trouble. I feel like a real arse about it too when it happens so I'm much more apt now to wait until I see where the ball ends up before throwing out the kudos. I do think it is all a bit relative, though. As others have said, a nice shot for me is likely total crap to a...
Wonder Woman...and, yes, my reason has nothing to do with golf!!!
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