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I rarely go out of my way to watch an LPGA event (although I will if nothing else is on) but I have to admit I was very excited to tune in on Saturday knowing Wie was in contention. Great win by her and hoping to be able to see her play more this season.
This has been a problem for me as well, My back 9's have been between 6-10 shots worse then the front so far this year. Still early in the season, but I'm starting to think I'm overdoing it at the range on the days leading up to my rounds and fatigue is starting to factor in. I hit the range Thursday and Friday nights, had a nice long lesson on Saturday and then played 18 on Sunday. Maybe I'm just not as young as I used to be.
I bought the the x2 hot 3W and 5W this year and absolutely love them. I can hit the 5W well both off the tee and fairway, but mainly use the 3W only off the tee (I'm sure better golfers would have no problem hitting this 3W off the fairway, unfortunately I'm not one of them yet).
My 2 cents, don't blame the kids...blame their parents. If you want kids to put down the phone and pick up a putter then it's up to the parent to expose them to the game. I have 3 young and very active childred (ages 9, 11, and 14) and its not like they suddenly woke up one morning, drove themselves to the driving range or soccer field, and suddenly fell in love with the game. Yes, the days of kids playing pick-up games after school are gone, but that doesn't mean that...
Completely agree, not only is it not golf but it's starting to make for pretty bad TV. I feel like I'm watching the same episode every week.
 These are my 2 favorite players to watch so I, for one, would love to see it play out that way.
Mixed bag this weekend for my second round of the year. Shot a front 9 46 (arguably my best 9 ever) followed by a back 9 56 (arguably my worst 9 ever). Still knocking off the winter rust and the swing changes are still a work-in-progress, although it seemed like fatigue was also a factor as I noticed reverting back to some sloppy habbits as the round went along.
I switched to one at the end of last year (Super Stroke 3.0) and very happy with the change so far. Takes a little getting used to, though.
I also think corporate america has, to a degree, changed its view on golf. I work in an industry (banking) that has always had ties (both real and perceived) to golf, however, the days of taking off early to catch a round with co-workers or a client whenever you wanted to are long gone. Sure, golf is still very much an acceptable means of client entertainment but not nearly to the degree it used to be given the increased focus on keeping expenses down.
I'm 46 and would love to join a golf league myself. I seriously doubt my manager would have any issues but I would have to dip into my own vacation time if it were a mid-afternoon league and I'd rather save those for other things and just play on the weekend or after I normally get home from work.
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