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Been playing lights out for me lately but came back down to reality this weekend shooting a 92 (+22) at the home course.  Just couldn't put 2 decent shots in a row together all day.  On vacation the week prior so didn't get to play/practice at all and it showed. 
Down to 17.5, have had a good stretch of scoring.  Index is down 4 strokes from where I started the year and 6 strokes from where I was this time last year.  I've read on this forum that improvement will come in waves (in between plateaus) for higher handicappers like myself, I seem to be riding a bit of a wave lately and loving it.
Shot a +12 (82) on the home course yesterday.  Extremely happy with my game these days, all the lessons and time on the range seem to be finally paying off.  I broke 90 for the first time a few weeks back and seem to have had a mini break-through in my game since then.  Index is trending down nicely too, one of my other goals this year was to get it down to an 18 and should be at 17.5 with the next revision.  Only downside is I've been playing almost 90% of my rounds at my...
I carry a 5 wood (Callaway X2 Hot) to fill the gap between my 3 wood and 3 hybrid.  I'm not a long hitter and, for me, it's my 200 yard club.  I love it but my home course is fairly short and very tight so I get a fair amount of use out of it off the tee.
I used to use the Golfshot app for yardages and it was fine until I got a Garmin GPS watch for Christmas last year.  I still use the phone app for keeping score/stats but the watch is just so much more convenient to use for yardages during the round.  I've also played a couple of rounds with individuals who have range finders and it always seems like we get about the same distances give or take a yard or two.    
+1, I've really found sticking to all my routines before each round has helped, even if it's abbreviated.  Usually consists of 10-15 minutes putting, another 10-15 minutes chipping, then some warm-up swings on the range (although I've found that if I hit any more than 15-20 balls beforehand it becomes counter productive).    
I just started breaking into the mid to high 80's so I'm hardly the best person to be giving advice (although my putting has always been pretty decent).  My instructor and I were working on putting not too long ago and he gave me 2 great drills to help me with my speed.    First one is real simple, next time you're on a practice green take 4 or 5 balls and line them up all on the same putting line but each one progressively longer then the next (I'd stagger them about 2-3...
Overall a good weekend of golf for me, played the front 9 of my home course twice on Friday, shot a 45 and a 43.  Wasn't striking the ball particularly well but my putting was pretty solid and my misses were manageable for the most part.  Played a different course in the area on Sunday and shot an 86, odd day hole-to-hole, carded more pars then I ever had before (9 for the round) but also had more flat out disaster holes then I've had in awhile as well.  The extra work...
Finally broke the 20 mark and officially at 19.5 today...bogey golf here I come...hahaha!!!
 Ditto, I played the Callaway SuperSofts last fall when the weather started getting cold and liked those so I tried the Chrome Softs early this season.  They were fine for the most part but I couldn't stand them on the green either, just could not get a feel for them off the putter at all.  Probably just in my head, but my putting seems to have improved since I've gone back to my normal ball.
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