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I'll probably do a little putter and hybrid window shopping this off-season. Not becuase I need them necessarily, but I'm just a sucker for shiny new toys! Would love to get fitted with new irons this off-season but will probably hold off until I get a little more use out of the one's I have now. I bought them when I got back into playing 2 years ago without a fitting, they're OK, but I just feel as though if I knew then what I know now I probably would have gone for...
Weather was decent here in the Philadelphia area yesterday so I dusted off the clubs and got a round in. Hadn't played in about a month but still had the best day of my life off the tee, hitting 10/14 fairways, which is absolutely unheard of for me. From that point on, though, the rust showed and I was all over the place, especially my short game, so I ended the day with a 101. Despite the score, was thrilled to get out again this year.
In order: 1) Get in better golf shape 2) Keep up with the lessons 2) Break 90 3) HI at or below 18 by season's end
 I'd go with the US Open for the same reason stated above.
I've found a putting mirror to be very helpful for indoor parctice over the winter. Very useful if you need to work on you're alignment.
 Nice summary, I always understood how to calculate my index, but was a little fuzzy on how to actually use it for competitive purposes. This is helpful.
I post all my scores as well, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I'll probably spend a lot of time working on my putting in the basement again this year and getting back in shape. Started a yoga routine last winter and it really helped with the flexibility, this year I will probably add some strength training as well.
Just happened to me 2 days ago. Went to the range to work on stuff, started with my sand wedge and slowly worked my way up the bag. Hitting it really really well until I got to my 7i and then BAM it was likely I had never hit a club before. We're not talking just poor shots, I literally couldn't make decent contact with the ball and was thinning everthing to the right. It was a little distressing standing over the ball and feeling like I had no idea what I was doing...
Great read, really makes you appreciate how good these guys really are and how hard it is for them to make a living out of it.
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