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I did last year during the offseason and it really helped my lower back. Never went to an actual class, just used the free sessions offered on demand through our cable provider. This year I've decided that I need to work on building more strength so the yoga's been replaced with light weight training although I mix in some yoga every now and again for flexibility.
 Thanks! Maybe I'll give the 7w a try, we've got a golf expo coming our way in a few weeks. It'll be a good chance to try some clubs out side-by-side.
I figure whatever you feel comfortable using is good enough for me. Personally, I carry a driver, 3w, 5w, 3h, and 4h and typically all of them get used at some point during any give round depending on the situation and how I'm hitting the ball that day. The driver and 3w are my go to clubs off the tee but I'll occassionally use the 5w or one of the hybrids for shorter par 4's. The 5w or hybrids get used for approach shots between 180 - 200 yards and the choice usually...
I'll let you know in about 2 months (when the season starts up again for me). I started some light weight training this offseason primarily to help my endurance on the golf course. I hit a lot of balls last year between lessons, practice, and rounds and felt totally beat-up by the end-of-summer and the soreness/fatigue definately affected my swing as the season progressed. I'm hopeful that being in better physical shape keeps my swing "intact" during rounds and...
Good luck to the OP and, personally, I've found that any new club (or ball for that matter) that I purchase comes with a honeymoon period. They usually last for about a month, then it to come back to reality. The only club that hasn't happened with is a new 5W I purchased last year, I just can't seem to mishit it but, unfortunately, there aren't alot of instances where I can use it. I do think a lot of the honeymoon effect comes from focus, I find a new club feels...
Dropped the clubs off to be regripped this weekend...my way of officially ending the season...ugh!!!
 Ignore my post, didn't see there was further discussion on this topic.
Interesting, I'm wondering how this translates to use of a heavier swing trainer, like the orange whip say for general use and/or pre-round warm up.
I'll probably do a little putter and hybrid window shopping this off-season. Not becuase I need them necessarily, but I'm just a sucker for shiny new toys! Would love to get fitted with new irons this off-season but will probably hold off until I get a little more use out of the one's I have now. I bought them when I got back into playing 2 years ago without a fitting, they're OK, but I just feel as though if I knew then what I know now I probably would have gone for...
Weather was decent here in the Philadelphia area yesterday so I dusted off the clubs and got a round in. Hadn't played in about a month but still had the best day of my life off the tee, hitting 10/14 fairways, which is absolutely unheard of for me. From that point on, though, the rust showed and I was all over the place, especially my short game, so I ended the day with a 101. Despite the score, was thrilled to get out again this year.
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