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 They tell you that because it is true.  It is possible that functionally you have a good swing, but you need more time to get the timing correct?  I guess this is the part of where if you divided your golf career swings you would find that 90% of those swings were with bad mechanics and compensations and 10% (maybe even less) are with the good mechanics and less of a compensation.  So, it will take time to undo some of those compensations that you might be making which...
 Hang in there.  I know how frustrating it can be, but think about how glorious it will be when you are shooting low 80's and messing around in the high 70's? It will happen sooner than later, just take it one priority piece at a time.. BTW what is your priority piece right now?
Ha.. I don't know who any of these three guys are. So, I guess yes, I have that problem. ;)
I'm pretty sure it is in the settings.. You might need to use the desktop view instead of the mobile version to see it though, go to preferences and look around you'll find it and should be able to turn that feature off.
Why do you guys want the club head not to pass hands? I usually practice letting the club head pass hands with my pitch shots..
ESPN was obviously quick to take action here, and I don't know how this reporter can ever be seen in a positive light for those that end up reading about or seeing the video.. Her good looks will fade, so I hope she can work on changing her distorted view of those that aren't as fortunate as she is in terms of looks and fame.
Looking awesome! I can't wait to see my own picture change like this. You really give me hope that it is actually possible to go from OTT to inside - out Can't wait to hear about the low scores!
Truth is no one needs to buy a driver or equipment every 6 months.. But you stated some good reasons as to why you are not a golf fan! A lot of people would agree!Hating slow play and taking time away from family are legitimate reasons for sure.. I try to mostly go play early in the morning of weekend when I know I will be back and the kids will likely still be sleeping! That's my way of getting around that feeling.
They are in the business of making money are they not? I just think they are being called out for something that many other companies do. You are calling them out for not doing it the "usual" way according to you, but that is silly band cause there is no universal standard on how to raise money for charity even if that is not the objective.This is the model that works for them, what if they came out and said we will sell a limited number for x but never mentioned giving...
Let me assume they make extra money.. Would you rather them not do this and have the charity never get this 300K?
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