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 That's a pretty definitive statement.  Do you know of how many people get away with it because they pay the right price to the right official or police officers?  These are countries with huge poverty rates and corruption.  When I say they turn a blind eye to it I mean that someone is getting paid off, and people look the other way.
Previous Illegal Hunt    <--- LINK   Seems like it isn't the first time there has been an illegal hunt in the African country.. Then again, I'm sure they just turn a blind eye to it, and the only reason these things are coming up because of the "popularity" of the lion that was killed earlier this month.   Who knew that so many in the medical profession are hunters?
Yeah, both of you end up in jail.. real smart.. But I'm sure you are just joking.
I agree with a lot of the sentiments expressed. I myself had an experience with a coach that didn't use video for example and I'll never go back.. I used evolver for a while and it helped me clean up many things that I fail to count them. Finally I went and saw a coach about 30 minutes away on my summer vacation 5 times in one month and my swing is starting to finally change.. Going back to the coach every summer is already part of the plan, and most likly will sign up...
@Kenny Lee way to put your money where your mouth is.. I wonder if there are any true Tiger believers who will take it? Keep us posted, in fact why don't you start a thread about it?
worked on posture, and then taking it back to A2 with my hands coming in and the club ending up being parallel to the target line.. Rinse and repeat for 5-10 minutes.
It is just sad when T. merrit shoots 10 under and Tiger is hanging around +2 at the moment.. To follow up the great round yesterday with this today must be frustrating as heck.. It's not like the conditions or the set up weren't conducive for them to go low..Where does he go from here??
I think that's a bad generalization on the type of atmosphere we should be trying to foster in the threads TBH.. I hope that's not really the case, as it reflects badly on all of us.
Maybe not enough people are complaining about it? If 30% of the customers complained after each event they would have incentive to do something.. But if just a handful, not so much.
This is the crux right there.. Of course they have no right, but who is responsible for managing the atmosphere and experience of the paying customers? Surely it can't be the customers themselves right?
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