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The NFL know they are invincible.There fixed it for you.
I took the plunge and did both on my last visit to the states.. I would do the putter first if I had to do it all over again, but not for any scientific reason, I think it's just a preference.
Seems like he is open to new ideas and concepts.. Maybe people just haven't approached him correctly before? Seems like he will concentrate more on the SV4 going forward, good for him!
Yes the necessary actions can be taken, ie fine them into bankruptcy! The judge in this case as you alluded really didn't have a choice in the matter.. If he wasn't paid off by the politicians he was most likely persuaded in other ways..
I was getting blisters after every couple sessions when I first started and didn't know any better for Alonso 2 years. After Mike showed me how to actually grip a club I haven't had a blister on either hand again.Take a look at the functional grip thread and apply it the best you can, then take a few pictures of you gripping the club and post them here in the forum (not necessarily this thread) and you will get good advice on how your doing and what to change.This will be...
Good for him.. Private trainer - check Private training facility - check Time and money - check No wife/children - check Talent to the nth degree - check
What a putt... Saves a triple, amazing!
I'm sorry to hear about this.. I hope everything works out and you get your real clubs soon!
it as a quick 2:45 round this morning with my boss.. a disappointing 117 for me, while my boss shot an 83.  Hit some nice shots, but mostly weak push cuts that didn't make it far.  I guess I am living proof that you can score high, and still play fast.. oye.  
I've been working hard at home for 2 weeks now on two things, shorter BS (ie by keeping a ball between my elbows) and working on keeping my hips from sliding back using my chair as a check point. Having said that I'm going out to the course tomorrow with my boss early before work and I have a gut feeling all the work is going to pay off.. Im going to shoot in the low 90's of all goes as I hope.
New Posts  All Forums: