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  Julius Thomas only played one game in 2011 and didn't even play in 2012, so having 0 TD before PM isn't really surprising.. Demarious Thomas was injured most of the time prior to PM and had to play with the likes of Tim Tebow, and same goes for Erik Decker.  I think only time will tell how good these receivers actually are w/ or wo/ Manning at some point. Other than those two names you mentioned for Brady, it is a cliff fall to the next guy really.. Brown maybe, but...
I would say my perception is that manning had better receivers than Brady as well.. Marvin Harrison would succeed with anyone, David givens probably not.. it is realitively easy to measure how good a wide receiver is (maybe not so much by laymen like us) but certainly by coaches looking at tape day in and day out!Even now look at the receivers manning has and compare them to the ones brady is throwing to... not even close and it's hard for me to imagine that this is up...
I am hitting 10 to 15 yards longer with the new Adams I just purchased in comparison to the used Adams I purchased when I first started getting serious about golf 3 years ago.
I am using the reverse overlap, but used the interlock once yesterday when I gripped it like that by mistake... sunk the 7 footer though! I'm in a crossroads as to ifind I should move to an interlock.. most likly I will just continue as is until I have a chance to do extensive testing!
I think the question deserves an answer....@WHGC1913 the ball looks like it is perfectly placed and a regular chip would get the ball off the grass and on its way..I have seen Erik ie @iacas show us videos of pitching out of the deep stuff, and this is no deep stuff..I agree with using the bounce, but I don't agree that this was a proper demenestration.Agreed, exactly!
I had a great time in Mass for the past 5 weeks.. I was able to get fitted for my wedges & putter.. I also bought a new set of irons and even took an aimpoint class!   I played a few rounds with family and friends and I practiced a little, but most of all the kids had a great time with all the good weather we have had.   I guess I can only hope that next year there is a reputable 5sk instructor that is near the area I am going to be in..    Until then, for the second...
 Your video looks better than the last one you had, but if you could record an actual live swing, then I think better constructive feedback would be possible at that point..  It is hard to give advice on those practice swings.
 I'm right there with you guys.. if we took a poll I bet a good percentage of us are working on this.. ugh.. I've been talking with Stephan about the shaft shallowing out at A5 (pointing about 6-12 inches on the right side of the ball) and then going through the forearms before finally having the clubhead inside the hands at A6..  getting there, but a lot of work for me too..
 humans automatically balance themselves, and when you stand on the green if you know what you are looking for you will notice the difference in how your body balances its self and then determine the slop.. to at least a +/- .5 degree IMO.. I'm not sure, but I don't think the aimpoint master is reading greens from the tee.. not sure why he would want to. :)
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