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 ha.. I didn't look to see where you were from.. Welcome to the site though!  
 I might not be here on Friday, but you might hear from me!
Worth quoting.. good stuff
FWIW while teams are working hard on containing JT and DM it isn't surprising a 3rd or 4th option would have a good year..
 Glad you joined the site. This sentence really caught my attention, because on one hand it is a good thing, but on the other it could harm you in the long run. What I mean is that it is great that you will get an unlimited amount of balls to hit, however it is a bad thing if you continue to groove a swing that has technical flaws in it (which you will do if you just hit ball after ball without a purpose. I really recommend you go ahead and take a look at the below thread...
in the news today.. https://en-maktoob.news.yahoo.com/federal-officials-dallas-nurse-free-ebola-150512381.html  hugs all around 
do I have to wait for this to give it an eagle?  this just can't come out fast enough for me!  
  Julius Thomas only played one game in 2011 and didn't even play in 2012, so having 0 TD before PM isn't really surprising.. Demarious Thomas was injured most of the time prior to PM and had to play with the likes of Tim Tebow, and same goes for Erik Decker.  I think only time will tell how good these receivers actually are w/ or wo/ Manning at some point. Other than those two names you mentioned for Brady, it is a cliff fall to the next guy really.. Brown maybe, but...
I would say my perception is that manning had better receivers than Brady as well.. Marvin Harrison would succeed with anyone, David givens probably not.. it is realitively easy to measure how good a wide receiver is (maybe not so much by laymen like us) but certainly by coaches looking at tape day in and day out!Even now look at the receivers manning has and compare them to the ones brady is throwing to... not even close and it's hard for me to imagine that this is up...
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