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Yup.. Actually, as soon as you start having comments about the ability to spot and identify people with a dull sex life from a mile a way you know the thread has run its course! 😂
I feel this thread has run its course..
Seems to go against pretty much everything I have learned on this site about pitching.. No cock of the wrist (absolutely beautiful?). Why?I'm assuming this is one of the quirky things he does and is able to do well, and will probably not change if he keeps winning, but would you teach a young kid to pitch that way? Is there a benefit in doing so?
Im just going to go ahead and call bullshit on the bold part..
Ok.. I'm finally ready to predict! Right now I'm about a 30 HCP on GG In one year I will be a 15 or better! I have to.... Period!
Got my analysis back, and I have my work cut out for me as I move on to a new priority piece... Of course this is with the knowledge that I need to continue working on two things.   1. keeping my elbow just a little bit more in front of me so that it doesn't slide back as much 2. working on a slightly shorter BS that doesn't go back and make things more difficult to keep a consistent point of contact.     What I am going to be practicing is a little bit quicker wrist...
You are truly the mad scientist my friend! 😂😂😂But really, I've tried the v-loging with just one camera and it is a pain... I can't imagine 2.. If there is someone behind you will obviously have to let them play through, but you might be looking at a long round! 😜
I saw this today and think it would be a great drill for you..      It promotes a flat left wrist, and may help you with figuring out a good feel for your self..  I am slightly flipping as well, and that's making me very inconsistent with contact lately, so I am going to be trying this out as well..  Let me know what you think!
Nice Bill!     I took a look at the round and if you take a look at the GG picture you can see what you did on 4 & 7..    You played the 7 fairway from the 4th tee and the 4th fairway from the 7th tee    Them the breaks right!!  Keep it up.  (i.e. playing well I mean)
 Thanks @RandallT , I booked at the Westin which happens to be the golf and spa resort :).. I convinced the wife its a good idea for her to go to the Spa to relax on the long trip before we continue to Oman.. (to see the in laws that is)  I will sneak out in the am and at least go to the range.. :) I know exactly what you mean about coming in steep at around A4.5 - A5, but I recover ok from there and the shaft shallows out rather quickly going through my forearms and...
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