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Sweet.. Going to the practice green to see what happens
Getting on the plane after such s long wait :) Already scheduled my lesson after I take a day rest, and then having a BBQ afterwords with the family.. I'm cooking of course! Good way to start my vacation.
If I had coffee in my mouth I would have spit it out..Fear ... Classic
None taken Erik.. I admit that I practice more at home than I do at the range, but it is always with a ball (plastic or foam depending on what's around), I have only ever shared the ones without the ball though.. I also do it on a daily basis!Besides, I have only been working on shallowing the path for about 1.5 years or something.. Others on this site have been at it for lot more.. It is not as easy a priority piece as you are making it sound IMO, other wise why is...
Good Luck!
  This was amazing.. so who ever faults me for not being able to start coming from inside path because my brain is wired to come OTT should take a look at this video and understand that even though I might be putting a lot of work into changing the path, I just need more TIME...  if only I was younger.. Also, what it teaches me is hey if this guy can do it, then eventually I will be able to do it too right?  Thanks for sharing!
 I am calling you a non-golfer if you snort cocaine while playing.. wait I'm calling you a non-golfer if you even considering snorting cocaine while on the course.. I'm also calling you a whole bunch of other things if you snort cocaine.. (but I'll keep those for other threads)..
A few snorts?
That's very true a round of golf with GM is something that no one would have ever expected, plus it should buy a lot of good will. I wonder if the other 2 who played with GM are taking the same stance against GN?
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