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   Reality is that I didn't think the "whooping" was an isolated incident.. I guess the report above confirms that for the record.  A true LLSB (low life scum bag) who scars his children in the disguise of "discipline" and "I'm gona do what mama did to me" excuse.
Basically I got an email from Edel welcoming me to the Edel Family, and then in the body this:  I'm assuming that this is to cover the peoples expectations of getting it the next day, so they say 4 weeks.. However, does it really take this long?  I know there are quite a few people with Edel putters on this Forum and others, did it really take 4 weeks?  Share your experience!    Edit:  The real interesting part is that I got an email about my wedges as well, but they said...
 He beat his child like a raged madman, and then stuck things in the kids mouth and texted about how he hit him in the nuts..  Unless you really believe this is the first time he has done that, rather than the norm!  Well, he actually stated that this is the norm so for me he is an abuser! I think the troubling part for me is that he doesn't even think that he did something wrong..  LLSB is the predominate description of this guy, and not just for the beating of his child!
 You want to know the worst part? It was the same round I shot a hole in one..    when ever things get bad, I'll always remember that they could be worst!  
sometime about 3 months ago, I hit 6 shots OB in a row!     Ended up shooting +13 on that par 5!  won't be forgetting that hole for a long time.. and hopefully I never repeat that!
Wanted to share the Year over Year comparison..  I am really interested in seeing if there will be that much of a noticeable change next year?     The A9/A9.5 position shows such a start difference doesn't it?
            I have been working on a new piece suggested by Brian on evolvr to help me keep my head from breaking through the wall on my backswing.. I haven't had a chance to analyze, but I think I have been doing well on it.. My swing feels so much better, and I am hitting my clubs pretty nice lately..   I was comparing my swing from 1 year ago before starting with Evolvr and it is just amazing how different it is now compared to back then.. I really can't...
 hey that is not fair..  Although I guess I have to play by the rules.. Fine.. there is no way the music stops before the count down is around a 100 right?? 
I think my strategy of waiting to guess when he will break it will work the best!   ok.. here it is.                         once he has 10 more posts to go, I will put in my guess...      hahaha  genius!   p.s. nobody tell him about my strategy because I don't want him to manipulate his post count so that I don't win!
 Thank you for the explanation.  I understand all that, and I add that there should be "zero tolerance" of abusing children as well.. I think in all of this discussion the main point I am trying to make has been lost in trying to make "me" truly understand "spouse abuse".. I get it guys, it is emotional and not just physical and all that..  No one is really commenting on my point though, which is after seeing the actions of AP and the results on the body of a 4 year old he...
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