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For the next week will be working on keeping head relatively steady on the DS with the driver I will do that by moving the ball back to my left heal instead of at my toe right now, and will do half and 3/4 swings feeling the head go back on the DS. I will also work on it at home using the door as a reference and slowly ingraining that my head shouldn't translate on the DS For my pitching I just need to make a couple of adjustments of moving back a little as this will...
I have to agree with the other poster here.. I don't think that proved anything really other than you get wet when jumping into a pool... Of course he wouldn't be able to make a full swing falling down, as you can see the whole way down other than when he took the club back he was thinking about the landing..
The problem with the attemp is that @Golfingdad is doing it all wrong... Open the face up and.... Ahhggggg. You guys are hopeless.. I'm out of here too... Kidding.. Nice job
Very nice, those were the first things I worked on as well.. Isn't it so much better to have direction than going it on your own?
The average American huh... Yeah.. I guess it is just hard for some to appreciate the sheer beauty of a cross pass that ends up in the net from a diving header...
Well, I would say this thread didn't work out quite like the OP wanted..He gave a case as to why he can't take soccer seriously and then when it was brought to his attention that this behavior is exhibited in his other favorite sports the story has changed to how there isn't enough scoring or 0 0 games aren't exciting..I'm sure there is another soccer bashing thread that this can just get merged into;)
 I had to laugh when I saw this post.. I have another suggestion.. How about you video tape your self doing the actual drill and post it to get confirmation that you are actually doing the drill correctly? Then at the range, video tape your self doing the drill with a ball hitting it going 1/8 the normal speed and hitting 1 ball every 3-4 minutes You might only get through 35 - 40 balls during the session, but it will get you a lot better results than hitting 200 or 100 or...
There is nothing wrong with coming from the ghetto from a location stand point, but maintaining the ghetto mentality is where yes there is something wrong!Don't mean to hurt feelings, just expressing my true and honest opinion!
If he is doing the gumba malamba it would definitely weaken the legs ;)
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