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I was actually kidding around when I asked when this thread will be locked... Sheesh!But I guess only political correct answers are expected these days and I understand that.. You have a website to run..By the way thank you @Moxie Dawn, your post was a breath of fresh air!Respectfully leaves this thread!
I want to point out that when I replied I was just conceding the point to newtogolf.. Basically I was saying ok even if they may be easy going (I should have just used the same word as him, my bad) it sounds to me like it was a complex attack that I'm not sure thy could have prevents even if they weren't.Then Erik corrected me and told me it was a brute force attack and now Ivan more convinced of how easy going thy must be to allow such a simplistic attack to get to...
That is why I mentioned cooking first! Anyway, those are just three examples I mentioned, my point was to just change the wording from something's to most things, and not to get into why that it is the case as I know for example that they don't have the physical attributes as men.. Wasn't a choice of theirs!
Doesn't the fact that it was a brute force attack reinforce the notion that they are easy going with security then?I wouldn't be surprised if they outsource their data security now, and if it was outsourced then it is time for a replacemt!In the meantime I will continue not uploading anything onto their cloud!
Very interesting video... Excluding things that are only specific to one gender or another, I'm more inclined to say men are better at most things, not just something's..From cooking all the way to scientific discoveries to sports and a lot of things in between. What I'm not saying is that every man is better, as there are women better than men specifically, but not in general no.Ok, so how soon before this thread is locked? :)
As easy going as apple might be with security, you probably need to have some complex allogrithims to do what this/these guys did!I'm sure it is a long shot we will ever find out who did it, but it has to be considered a pretty decent hack job!
 Well, you know that the government hires the best computer hackers in the world don't you?  They mostly do it to try and get the upper edge on other hackers who are working against them.. I mean, that is the best policy isn't it, get the best to test out your defenses so that you can always be a step ahead.   You also know that they have the worlds supercomputers under their fingertips, and they are just like any other government always working towards getting the secret...
 good point!  Then again would you be surprised if the government was behind this somehow?  I mean they do have the best supercomputers in the world, and all the resources to boot!
Hello, I can't give you specific advice on how to get rid of the hook, however I can give you some general advice that I think can go a long way in helping you improve! I think you should switch gears from trying to "fix" the hook to coming up with a plan to solidify your whole swing and making it a structurally and functionally sound swing! This way you can put together a road map to improving and owning a specific ball flight with a specific miss that is controllable!...
The only take away from this is that I was correct when I explained to my friend that the cloud network was not safe from prying hands.. I can't wait for him to come back from vacation and explain this one :) As for those Hollywood types I doubt they are that upset, in fact this is publicity they didn't have to pay any money to get! They might have been hoping deep down inside that something like this happens, so that they aren't accused of leaking it them selves.. I...
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