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Manipulating the handicap seems pretty easy even if he played at the home course. He could have just made sure that he duffed 5 chips and pushed 3 putts.. The idea of only counting tournament scores works to a certain degree even though he could throw 3 tournaments and win one ect.
Cool good luck to him as well. I think he should be able to break into the top 10!
 Rummler, Geary, Improving Performance, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1995. Print.
I agree.. It's too much of a generalization IMO.. For certain things like driving then yes I think defensive drivers are less likely to put them selves in harms way.. Certainly being smart is independent of the risk taking level in most cases.
Did you win?
 Is the match play straight up, or is he giving you strokes along with you making up the rules? I'm going to assume that it is straight up, and the equalizer in this case is you getting to basically take two shots if you want to, but he has to take 2 shots...  Let us look at putting for first.. Basically he will need to make both putts to avoid 2 putting while most likely you will make 2 putts.. so I would think he loses any advantage he really has in putting against you,...
I do this all the time actually, and I use plastic or a foam golf ball as well (for obvious reasons). It's usually not 100% swings, but I'll take some for a good 5 minutes at the end of my practice and basically just try and get the ball to hit a certain spot on the wall each time (not exact spot, but rather an area to the right of where I'm aiming). My wife has given up on me stopping so she doesn't ask, but I'm very careful of my sorroundings and obviously my biggest...
Someone send him a note about aim point.. Quick!
What do you mean an app? Where?
 Thanks @Lihu for taking a look, it sure doesn't feel like it is that far forward when I'm setting up to it.  I'll keep it in mind though.. It should be just forward of center as I agreed with Brian. I'll try and share more in regards to practicing at home in the future and I'll definitely do some of my drills before going out for the round to see if I can transfer some of those feels over into the round. As soon as I get my membership back at the executive course I plan...
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