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What is the average FIR% on tour? Do you really think that the LD guy is going to come in and have a better FIR% on average?Also Dustin TM numbers I'm sure aren't with him dialing it back at all..Also, I will look into the 60% in play from the LD guys, can you tell me where you got this stat from as I can't find it.. I am more inclined to say that they get 1 or 2 in play out of 6.. I've even seen people not get any in play and get disqualified!You guys are also...
My point still stands though even if you believe the difference isn't that big... If the dispersion for Dustin using a 45 inch driver is 86 yards then I think the dispersion for the Lin drive guys using a 45 inch driver would be at least 140 or so.. It is all relative in my opinion.. I can say with certainty te PGA guys make better contact on a more consistent basis, and I don't believe oposite is true!
I think it is just not as funny when the poster doesn't get it or chooses to ignore it... But, he made the mistake of saying she signed my "balls"!!! If he said she signed my ball it wouldn't have registered!He did confirm that she did it in front of everyone, I'm just surprised he wasn't embarrassed!Ok back on topic I'm sorry again for all of this OT stuff!
It was a very bad attempt at humor from my side, I'm sorry.
Can't really quote all that with this iPhone, but in short.. I think the point still stands that the pros have much better technique than te long drive boys.. Bill your response can't be you're wrong the long drive boys have technique? The point was that the the pros are better and it wasn't that the long boys don't have any technique, so I think you either tell him that he is wrong about the pros having better technique and justify or disagree with other parts of the...
Take a look at the two posted pictures by Mike! To make sure you are getting into that position correctly I would suggest that you post a video of you going to A4 and then slowly getting into your A6 position.. Then Mike or someone else can comment on if you are getting into the right position!
Just one league for me, I've been in it for 6 years now I think and never won it.. I usually have the top points overall and most regular season wins, but just can't win the big one.. Last year I unfortunately played the team with the Seahawks D in the playoffs! Anyway, another year another shot!
I have to agree there are some good arguments there!
Fair enough.. I was just saying that is all..I just wouldn't want you to rush things.. Why worry about a drill for arms coming down faster if you are working on Key#1 specifically the pivot in the backswing?Maybe @mvmac can chime in?
No... You are on evolvr now!!!!
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