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I always thought water and OB are two different things, OB is teeing up again and hitting 3 and water you are dropping in the drop zone and hitting 3.. Am I wrong on this? Anyone?
Nice, Stephan is really good! After I had the grip issues and turning with the correct wrist hing at a3 and some setup issues, he has really walked me through everything I'm doing now.. Before I was really interested in moving fast and improving even quicker, and it was probably because I was having such a hard time making contact. Now that I can finally make good contact about 80-85 percent of the time I am really taking it slow and just working hard on each piece for...
The only thing I would really suggest is if this is your priority piece you are working on that it might be worth sending the practice vids to evolvr to get feedback on correctness. I did that when I was working on my last drill and basically Igot confirmation and minor adjustments, and this really helps and confirms the progress so it's worth it.. I can't add much else other than moral support for now :)
Very nice!
I am sure about that.. I was just commenting on him saying that he expects that number to go up before he sees it settle back down or get better.With that HC I think I would be a happy camper, but would be working my a** of to take that final plunge to 0 or below!
Great advice!
Great! Sounds like an interesting course! I know that you just like my self probably don't care as much about your score as you do hitting it solid with the ball flight you intend over 95% of the time! Once that happens I'm sure your score and mine will take care of its self.
This is exactly why I am taking lessons and working on my swing.. I am taking it slow and tempering my expectations so that once I'm done with the lessons that I don't have such a huge swing! No pun intended
Anyone that can make his own swing an win the majors I'm a fan!
Personally I like him and the fact he is able to compose himself and gut it out really shows that he has some cold nerves running through him, then of course he shows his human side and emotions after an awesome win... What more would anyone want? Congrats to him and his family and friends!
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