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https://en-maktoob.news.yahoo.com/hope-solo-could-left-off-us-world-cup-204811084--spt.html  Basically last week Hope got into some sort of trouble for her actions while practicing with the team.  She was then suspended and told she wouldn't travel with the team for exhibitions with mexico I believe or some other country.  Now, the news is coming out that she might be left out of the world cup team. All of this happened right after she was acquitted of all charges for her...
 I haven't done any scientific studies, but it feels to me that I am able to swing faster with one hand than with two. The bigger point is going to be, even if that is the case I doubt that "most" people would be able to hit the ball consistently with 1 hand the way they do with two.. Also, this probably only applies to the driver or 3W maybe, but once you get to irons good luck swinging with 1 hand with any consistency compared to two. Maybe someone has some scientific...
Anyone see @club ho around? I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation to this new piece of evidence.. The colts paid him off maybe? ;)
That's fine, you can go where you feel more comfortable.. Just don't let allenby's lies influence your decision.. The guy is obviously delusional.
WE ARE MARSHAL Are you kidding me? First time I learn about this story and see the movie, HOLE IN ONE!
I was about to answer the above, then figured you guys must be joking.. Haha funny guys, really come on??
What doesn't make sense is why you haven't answered what is the excuse for deflated balls in the first meeting with the colts, and how they knew exactly what to look for in the second meeting?
Is it common for the league to test footballs at halftime?
You realize that this was pointed out in the first meeting between the two teams right? This game wasn't the first time, it was just the first time the league set up the pats to find out what kind of tricks were up their sleeves.
I was simply responding to the video, but to make the assumption that the colts ball pressure started at the high side when measured is just that, an assumption.Another point is the fact that the colts have already complained about thisnfrom the first meeting, so there is a track record which prevents me from believing that this is an isolated incident.The NFL on the other hand should be putting this to rest instead of just sitting around waiting, although from what I have...
New Posts  All Forums: