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This is most likely due to the fact that your body is trying to adjust to the new backswing with your feet turned out. Remember that you had a hip sway to the back and then your body makes timing adjustments and compensations to get the clan back to the ball, so when you turned your feet out and started taking backswings you were probably not in the top of the backswing position your body is used to, so it wasn't able to make the correct compensations to get the club back...
 It is easy to get into a static position with or without a club for me.  It is that transition point in time that for some odd reason my shoulders flatten out for that instant that I can't get rid of.  Granted my practice has not been on the range, but it is at home and it is everyday so that should count in my opinion. If voicing my frustration is an issue then I won't do it anymore.  That is why I said I'll be back next week, I hope by that time I have put in enough...
I just tried so hard for a few hours to get my head piece working, and I just want to proclaim now, loud and clear so that there is no misunderstanding.   I CAN'T DO IT I DON'T GET IT    no matter what I do.. even half swings I just can't stop my shoulders from flattening out at A3.75 to A4 right at the point of transition basically from the backswing to the downswing..   uhhhgg frustrated   I'll be back next week.
It is looking good from where I'm sitting!   what I love the most in your swing is A7.5 right after impact!!!  For some reason my whole body follows my swing after impact as my arms wrap around my body.. Some day I'll get there, but your swing is looking nice!!   I guess the winter work outs helped out!
Played 6 holes today with 2 balls each.   Had some great contact, and ball flight was ok as well.. it seems like I have lost my draw ball flight, and now I'm more of a slight pull fade guy.. which is ok for now untill I work through my priorities.    My short game has been on fire, just can't really do much wrong there, and my putting has also been on as well so nothing to do there.   My Driver and 3W are worthless now, so I need to really start working on those a...
 Well said!
 +1.. That doesn't look like fun at all!
 Thank you for taking the time to take a look.. I really appreciate it!  I took your advice in over exaggerating by consciously bringing my knee down and in.  I think over time it will go down the right amount, I think it just needs this time to start feeling like a natural move to me that's all.  Thanks again!
I think I finally understand what I need to do..   I am not sure if it is correct, so maybe @sk golf can advise me on it.  Basically I'm just feeling my left knee coming down as I make my shoulder turn..  At least I was able to get into the position I think Stephan wants to get me into at A4.     I want to take this to the range tomorrow and see if I'm able to replicate after working in as many slow reps as possible.  
 Thanks...  I have pretty much don't really think about anything in my swing other than my priority piece.. I don't have time to think about it really, because getting my piece down is tough at the moment. Didn't work on my swing today, just hit a few balls at the range and then hit the links.. Contact was pretty good for the most part; I didn't keep track really, but of all the holes I played (some with 3 or 4 balls) I only had 2 double bogies and 1 bogy and the rest were...
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