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Firewall - it was an interesting movie that kept me wanting to know what happens next.. I didn't like the fact that the plot didn't turn on the bad guys in a more sophisticated way like I was expecting, and the ending was predictable. It gets a par because I wanted to finish the movie even though I knew how it would end.
I laughed reading this.. So true!
I don't really care what you think.
I can't keep my driver / 3 wood in playI'm also not consistent enough with my contact yet, so hitting it that far hasn't really helped my score at all** yet
Maybe your swing improved? I can hit my 7i 175 but hey if I could get my 8i that far I wouldnt complain!
Does anyone know if there is a way to download the evolvr video on the iPhone? I don't plan on storing it for long, but want to be able to get it on my iPhone im its mov format Thanks
Secondary axis tilt.. I've never had it (ever) and not only that, but my head also translates left a long way! It is so hard to swing out with so much working against you. Basically my head and body goes left and the path just follows.. So even if it doesn't look like I'm going over the top I end up hitting the biggest push shots of all time with my long clubs, and I have inconsistent contact to be able to play anything but 100 golf. The current drill is for me me to...
Bowed Left Foot Weight Forward  Key# 2       I thought this was an interesting drill that definitely addresses Key# 2 weight forward.   Basically you preset the weight forward with the emphasis on your left knee being outside of your left foot and a slight bow of the left foot.     In concept I can see why you would want to practice this to help with key# 2, it looks like this is trying to get you to work on the foot work right around where you are about to make...
There are many drills advertised for every part of the golf swing.  Is it the backswing you are looking to improve?  There is a drill for that.  What about the downswing?  There is a drill for that.  Are you looking to improve lag?  Are you looking to improve your footwork?  Well, you get the picture.  Heck, every other thread about the golf swing in TST or even the members swing area talks about drills for different purposes.     The difference between the drills...
Used to be the wu-tang clan But even then it's not like all of their stuff was great.
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