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Hello,   I have a studio design 2.0 scotty cameron that is about 10 or so years old. I am interested in restoring the putter, however the Scotty Cameron custom shop no longer offers the original gun blue finish that the putter came with. Does anyone know of other options to restore the original studio design gun blue finish?   Thanks
I was hitting the clubs on both a grass range and on an actual golf course. I took the 6 iron out and hit it side by side with my current 6 iron, both from the range and on dropping balls from the fairway on the course.   Oddly, when I demo'd the 4 iron I hit that the same length as my current 4 iron.    I hit at least 100 shots in total side by side (50 of each) and it was certainly consistently way shorter.
I was recently hitting the cleveland 588 irons (because they look so great) to see how I would fair. I had a 6 iron with s300 shaft. I noticed that even on shots where I felt I struck the ball pretty pure, they went 15-20 yards shorter than my current irons. I normally hit a 6 iron 175 yards, but on well struck shots it was only going 155 yards.  160 yards at most.   I know these are more of a player's cavity, but they are still relatively forgiving. I can't imagine...
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