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  Had a pretty similar shot this week on 18 (a short par 4), ended up about 225 out for my 2nd shot.  Hit the 3W again to 20 ft or so, made par and off to the 19th for refreshment.  
377 yd par 4... hit my 3W off the tee and ended up left off the fairway under a tree with 180 to go. I had a clear swing path but due to the tree (and a few other trees between myself and the green) could only see about half of the green, and couldn't see the pin at all.   I grabbed my 5I, aimed for the right side of the green and hoped for the best.  I hit my only draw of the day - EVERYTHING else faded - around the trees to about 15 feet.  One of those shots that...
Newbie here from St. Louis; hi everyone!   Introductory stuff about me:   37 years old, married to my best friend for 17 years w/ two great kids (16 and 11) First picked up a golf club at age 22, didn't get serious about it until about 2 years ago Broke 100 for the first time last week (no mulligans, etc - whoo-hoo!) When I'm not spending money on golf, I spend it on my other hobby - guitars...   Nice to be here.  Looking fwd to getting to...
IT and Corporate Project Manager... so basically I try to motivate people who don't answer to me, work for various different bosses and have better things to do.  
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