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Thanks for the info. I had hoped that wasn't the case. :)
I'm looking for a place to stay near Kiawah Island Golf Resort other than the resort itself. Budget is $200 or less per night. Any suggestions? Thanks!
No ego or pride here, I just want to learn!I do have a question about your nail analogy though. If I put the palm of my right hand on the nail, then turn my right shoulder back, is this not decreasing the flex of my right elbow without adding pressure towards the nail?
Well that pretty much sums it up. Skipping physics class was not such a good idea after all. Thanks for post iacas. I'm going to shut up now. ūüėÉ
  Guys this technology awesome! Just trying to understand here but these are my thoughts.   I'm having a hard time understanding how decreasing flex in the rear knee on the backswing leads to pressure under the rear foot. To me this pressure would be achieved by moving the pelvis (while opening the hips) towards the rear leg 2-3 inches. The rear knee decreasing in flex would just help to keep the upper axis centered and add a little rotation, not pressure.    On the...
  I just laughed so loud that my wife turned around and looked at me like I was crazy. That's awesome. Gotta love Boo though, that guy is nuts!
  Hogan wanted to FEEL like he turned his SHOULDERS on this imaginary plane of glass, but in realty he turned his shoulders a bit more level relative to the inclined pane of glass as indicated in Five Lessons.
Yes, in appearance Hogan did have a flatter swing than most but only because of his height, build and posture. Nearly all of the great ball strikers in history have had their left arm matching their shoulder plane at the top of the backswing regardless of stature. It Brandle Chamblee is the one who made that comment, I think you can pretty much disregard it entirely. I disagree with almost everything he says. Just my opinion :)
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