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I have a complete set of 25 1939 Wills Cigarette Picture Cards depicting golfers in various stages of striking the golf ball. Included is the likes of peter Allisses father Percy Alliss. They are in an albulm and in excellent condition with descriptions on the reverse of whats happening in the picture. Does anyone know of best place to offer this for sale?
problem still prevails as I have scoured the rule book and cannot find the answewr so question still remains.DOES ANYONE KNOW THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER.
had planned today to play in a knock out match play competition at my club. At the same time there was a medal comp and my oponent and i agreed that we would hole out on each hole and therefore play in both the medal and our K.O. competition. and this was agrred by our club captain and a member of the committee. Unfortunatley after 3 holes anoter committee mamber said that it  was not allowed under the rules of gold to do this. In our pro shop there were mixed views on the...
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