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I was making sure my weight didnt go outside my right foot during the backswing but to start the downswing i was shifting it back to my leftside as fast as i could while trying to maintain my posture. Also, I'll try to get to a doppler system this week. Thanks guys
I definitely agree that having more than one or two swing thoughts at a time gives me worse results
I was on a launch monitor yesterday and my average 6 iron swing speed was around 94 and topped at 97. My average driver swing speed was  around 95 and topped at 101. The iron was a steel shafted mp 4 while the driver was a stiff graphite r1. I was pushing off my right leg as hard as possible while maintaining balance. My arms were completely inactive until I got into the impact area. Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong with the driver as I feel like my swing...
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