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I could care less about the USGA's "position" on this one.
MeFree I did not make up the "Blow" deal. I have been playing golf for 30 years and my friend, a 0 handicapp, introduced the term to us tennis guys who had moved to golf. It has been used innumerable time in tournaments of all kinds and regular play. I would say it is the Sonoma County Wine Country that I live in, but my buddies in Southern CA use both expressions "Freely." Thanks to you guys and this Forum, I have amply been rewarded and that includes on the 9th green...
"Motly" - yes she is "hot" and pays off her bets. Thanks to you, in the know, I have a smile on my face today while watching the Barclay!
Good work "Four Putt"- esp "Texas Rule" reference! Of course it is dumb; but how many golf and sports slang quips are dumb? I am beginning to think that it is used more in liberal California, where folks are not endoctrinated in prudish Judeo-Christian roots.
Oh and as a lawyer, let me applaud your topical outline!
Of course it is dumb, particularly if you are from Des Moines, Iowa. It never happens de facto. It is a joke, but my question addressed the fact that the "golf slang" exists and the responses you can review will verify the same.
You are correct "Amazing whacker" - it is a joke, but i was merely trying to establish that this guy's slang was based upon this factual situation.
That is fair David and "pants down" might be a regional thing.
Thank you TJ for your immediate input. I have read numerous golf slang sites and thought I was losing my mind!
My lady friend does not believe that some golf guys use the term "blow the pro" if their drive does not reach the Women's tees. Further, she does not believe that the joking penalty is for the perpetrator to whip out his "guy," walk backwards down the green, in a so-called "trolling" fashion. The final joke is that you have to "Blow the Pro" who is on the desk at the end of the game.   My golf buddies have been using this for years. Can I have some comments? I am...
New Posts  All Forums: