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 Hmm, I find that interesting because my score seems to be a direct link to my GIR %. Rounds that I hit a lot of GIR's, I score very well. Rounds that I miss most greens, I don't. I believe that I'm decent at scrambling for pars, but they are so much easier when you have a birdie putt instead of having to get up and down.
 And there's nothing wrong with that. Golf is meant to be fun, and if it's not enjoyable dealing with the pressure and stress of tournament play then don't do it. Also, it certainly gets expensive playing in a lot of tournaments. I enjoy getting nervous and trying to play through that, but some people don't. I've found that my tournament average is pretty close to my usual average, if anything possibly a little lower. Some people can really lower their rounds in...
My personal record is also 16, which resulted in a very good round for me. My average is usually between 11-12. I had a full season worth of stats tracked for last year and my average floated around 11.6 I believe, but my computer crashed and I lost it all which is a bummer.
Jumped up to 2.0 today, which is closer to my true handicap I'd say. My 0.9 was basically a result of not having many rounds in yet and was heavily weight by a 71 (-1) round that I had submitted. Now that more rounds are in there it is more accurate I'd say.
The only way to improve how you deal with the pressure of tournaments is to play in more tournaments. However, if that is not enjoyable for you then you may not want to play golf competitively. Some people enjoy getting nervous and playing with something on the line, some people don't. Neither way is right or wrong. If you want to become a better tournament player though then you have to play in pressure situations. That's the only way to do it.
At times our foursome will all use our own personal cart at the local course where we have sheds. It does cut a large amount of time off the round when everyone can drive to their own ball and be ready to play. I miss the conversation aspect of it, but the speed of play is nice. Most of the time we just take 2 carts with two people per cart, but if we are looking to speed things up we take separate carts and I would say it does save close to an hour.
Pretty awful display of golf by Kristi last night. Though I liked her, she deserved to go home. Poor shots all around to end up in the elimination challenge, and then got off to a nice start by getting up and down from 25 yards but the collapse on the second hole did her in. Can't make a 5 from 110 yards out in the middle of the fairway.   Aside from Jackie and Sadena, I don't see how any of these girls could play at the top level. Tonya maybe, she appeared to be pretty...
I have never owned expensive sunglasses (lose them/break them too often) and never understood why someone would spend so much on them until my uncle got a pair of Maui Jims. I must admit, they were impressive and somewhat made me change my opinion. I would still vote putter just because I don't trust myself with expensive shades, but if you have the money you can't go wrong either way.
 I have wondered about this. I do not have any children yet, but my wife and I plan to start trying this summer. I'd be lying if I said I haven't considered how a child might affect my time to golf, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I wondered though about taking a child that's not quite old enough to walk yet and just letting them ride with dad on the golf cart in their carrier seat if the temps are real nice. Four months may be a little earlier than I had in...
OP, I don't know you're game so I can't say this as factual, but my guess would be that your tournament issues dwell from a lack of mental strength/preparation. Once again, this is just an observation from an outsider but typically what I see in people that don't play well in tournaments but are otherwise good golfers is that they never recover from poor holes. The pressure and emotion tends to keep them from playing their normal game. I was playing with a guy that started...
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