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Billy Joel - 52nd Street
My irons get cleaned with a wet towel after every shot.Woods and hybrids after the round. Not having a wet towel during a round drives me crazy.
Even though it happened over 20 years ago I remember it like it was yesterday.I got on the tee of a 200 yard par 3 with water that required about 175 yards of carry.There were 2 guys on the other side of the pond on the bank looking for a ball at the edge.I was waiting when patiently when they waved to me to go ahead and hit. I had only been playing for about a year and like a idiot I obliged and teed it up and they went about looking for the ball. I skulled a 3 iron and...
I'm getting old and I've never been a long hitter. But I do stay in the short stuff most of the time.   Driver - 220-240 3 wood - 210 3 hybrid - 190 4 hybrid - 175 6 iron - 160 7 iron - 150 8 iron - 135 9 iron - 125 PW - 110 UW - 90 SW - 75
I've sold Industrial supplies for Lawson Products for the last 26 years.
Our local course is pretty tough even at only 6600 yards from the tips.Small elevated greens make it tricky. If a tour pro played a practice round he would have no problem shooting low 60's.They would be hitting driver, 9 iron into most of our par 5's.
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