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Well then he should remember that he is their parent and responsible for teaching them the values he wants them to have growing up, not Phil Michelson or a story about him gambling on the internet.
I have been using mine for about 3 months and I really like it for what I bought it for.  My biggest challenge has been pinning down my club distances and this device has helped me zero in on that information.     Another thing I have used it for is to compare my driver performance with individual drivers on the course.  I have a few drivers (who doesn't?) that were all fitted on with a track-man/flight-scope and it has been eye-opening to see the actual performance of...
I use a rangefinder from time to time and I am not remotely concerned with exact yardages to pins, hazards, etc.  I am using it to get a "rough" distance to what i am looking at so I can select the club that will get me to that approximate location.  Yes the rangefinder is exact but I don't need that, if it were rounding to the nearest 10 yds it would work for me.  If I hit 10 shots with the same club (and most other golfers as well) no 2 would land in the same place or...
If you are just considering these two clubs, I would suggest the X Hot vs. the RFE.  The Xhot is a larger head, 460cc vs 440cc (unless you get the RFE 13.5 loft which is 460cc) is more forgiving and easier to hit for those of us with a higher handicap.
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