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And thoughts between the R11 Irons & the Burner 2.0?
Thanks for the reply firstly. I actually meant rocketballz not the bladez, they said the bladez wud be similar to the burner 2.0 for me which was a bit too light? Think i need to go test them out and see whats potting, I hear you about the driver but inwas hitting the R1 much better then the x hot which is whats bugging me as well, especially since im only getting back into it now the R1 offers change to the club head tp help me fpr the time being? I will check the...
Hey Guys,    Hope someone could assist me with some input.   I havent played in quite some time but getting back into it, never been an amazing golfer but play it socially.   So decided its time for new clubs, headed down to the pro shop here in South Africa to begin the quest.   This is what they suggested based on budget/swing speed/handicap etc   Cleveland CG 16    Callaway Razr X   I Was hitting both of them really well, about 170-190...
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