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Thanks buddy.
As this is a golfing forum am sure this would have popped up before, but last weekends golf had led me to tear my intercostal muscle just below my right pec. Hurts like a mofo, hurts to take deep breaths, get up out of bed, twist and cough etc. 1) what should I do to heal this? I'm 30 and I've never torn a muscle before, always been ok on tht front. 2) how can I prevent it happening again? Apart from warming up, what weight/resistance training can I do to build it...
Wow, what a change.I like the smaller model, more than a handful is a waste, plus I'm not a fan of the whole fake boobs, tan, hair, American look. Give me the girl next door.
On signing up for annual membership what is the chances of the golf club requesting to see proof of age? I've just turned 30 and my annual membership has gone from £350 to £720 a year.
lethal rack but these puppies are singing fake to me.......  
Construction professional - as a Quantity Surveyor.
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