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Which do you like better and why?
Wonder why Rory is dominating so much. Is it breaking up with his fiancé, getting used to his Nike clubs or something more??!
It was cool at first but got annoying quickly!!!
I know, I don't discriminate but it was just an observation that more of the players I tend to like are coming out of Europe or Australia even
With Tiger not playing good and Phil entering the end of his career I still like the younger American players and will root for my country in the Ryder cup but am I the only one who enjoys watching the European guys like McIlroy, Sergio, Rose, McDowell, Kaymer, etc more? I think a lot of them have more text book swings to study and for some reason just prefer that group of players. Anyone else prefer the majority of the players coming out of Europe?
Will he for sure be back on tour if he can prove he's clean again?
Thanks man 😊
Clarification about DJ suspension -- is he for sure able to return in 6 months to the tour?
I want to see him win at firestone and then win the pga, would be very cool to see him finally get that major
I agree with your definition
New Posts  All Forums: