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Who do you rate as the top 3 best ball strikers currently on tour?
Ya really love the way Mahan, Duf and Johnson all strike the ball
Dufner has a sweet swing. Love how he tucks that right elbow. He would be right up there with Mahan for most wanted swings
What does he do that makes you classify him that way?
Someone said they like risk-reward type players? I'm assuming it means guys who hit driver when they shouldn't or try to go for the green instead of laying up. What type of players do you consider to be the most risk reward on the tour?
Likes: Justin Rose, Phil, Spieth, DJ Dislikes: don't dislike anyone on the tour really but I can understand why people dislike guys like tiger, Sergio, sabbitini
I know we all love the PGA tour but what is your fav sport to watch besides golf and who is your favorite team of all time?
What players have short games that you admire the most and why?
Who has a nice looking non-complicated swing on the PGA your that would recommend trying to study? I feel like tiger woods and rory have a lot of athletic parts in their swing. What do you think of jason dufners swing? Is it pretty straight forward? Who helped you learn?
New Posts  All Forums: