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8 hours of practice. Mostly hitting golf balls, but also mirror practice to engrain the feel of the new grip.
Hey guys and gals,   I had my first golf lesson this past Sunday, and the instructor changed my grip from strong to neutral and had me put less pressure on the grip, which felt really odd, but it's working. I woke up this morning with some muscle fatigue and soreness in my hands from the change. Not pain, but the soreness you would normally feel after a lifting session after some time away from it. I went out this morning and hit a small bucket to see if my hands...
haha, I guess you're right. I guess it's just apprehension about using "new" clubs that were so expensive when they first came out. I feel like a kid that just got his learner's permit trying to learn how to drive in a Bentley. Don't know if it makes sense, but I'm going to have to learn how to use them at some point. I guess it may be now.
Hey guys and gals! I'm new to the forum, but have been lurking about a month.   I've recently picked the game back up after a ten year hiatus. I never really developed my swing as I was more of a casual golfer, but now I've got the bug. Anyway, after three weeks of the driving range, and a couple of shots that I was really proud of mixed in with a ton of shots that made me want to hide my head in shame, I've decided to take lessons. I've been playing with a set of...
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