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I found the following article online and not only is it a good read it has a nice pic with of a guy with his left arm straight at his full swing position:   http://www.worldgolf.com/golf-instruction/straight-left-arm-golf-tips-evans-3802.htm
  What does your normal miss look like? (Left of the Hole, Right of the Hole, Short of the Hole, or Past the Hole) One simple drill, that you can do almost anywhere, is to take a yard stick, place the ball on one end, and putt the ball keeping it on the yardstick for the entire length. This works real well inside on a flat level surface and doesn't take up much room. Allows you to see if you pushing or pulling your putts and how fast you are doing so.
Simple reason why I practice more than I play, MONEY. I practice at a FREE practice range, you have to bring your own balls and pick them up afterwards. I get to play a round about every 4 to 6 weeks.
New Posts  All Forums: