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I started doing something similar after watching one of your rounds.  The only difference is that I set my grip first, then set my face with my right foot forward, then keeping a steady head, I place my left foot where it needs to go in terms of how far forward I want the ball in my stance and then I place my right foot.  After that, I look at the target and do any adjusting I feel necessary to my club face and feet.  Also, I do not make a practice waggle
You are correct about that sir Being cool and looking cool are completely different though
You are using the word satisfied though.  For me, there were times when I wasn't satisfied with my swing but the shot was perfect
Perfection is the ability to shoot the best of my ability in my mind.  I voted yes though because I really enjoy it and its a perfect way to spend the alone time I get
Looks like a cool bag but that is a steeeeeep price!!
I am also curious to everyone's answers here.  I am looking for an Android app that I can use to keep score and stats.  I need something I can track on my computer and not just my phone.  The GPS is also important as I do not have a laser rangefinder yet.  Currently I am using Golfpad but I heard some good things about swing by swing.
Oh jeez, I didn't know it was going to help us sink putts!!! I wish Mike would have overnighted it then...
The day after completing LSW, I shot the round of my life!! 43/39-82 I have never shot below 86 and beat it by 4 strokes.  I haven't even been able to put some of the stuff from the book into play yet.  I also noticed I didn't swing club too much better but my score showed a huge difference.  I had some bad shots but was able to put myself into position to make every swing count.  I started the day with 2 double bogeys (3 total on the front) but followed up with 2 pars...
46/43 89 I was striking well. Putting well. Driving well. Made some bad mistakes that cost me penalties or I could have shot much better The bridges at Columbia IL
Maybe its in a happy mood...   Seriously though, I have heard drivers can go dead before but never had one do it to me
New Posts  All Forums: