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I don't think you will be disappointed with the Clevelands
All I know is I used to love oversize and switched back to standard when I bought my new clubs this year.  They didn't feel bad but I recently changed all my clubs grips (mostly to get rid of that obnoxious Ricky Fowler orange on my amp irons) and realized midsize made a huge difference to me.   I hit some 7i shots and was getting about 160 on the launch monitor.  With the new grips I was hitting it 175 and it felt waaaay better.  I don't know if those distances are...
I would say it depends on the irons and the lofts on them
Eric Does this go for more than wedges?  I feel like I get the same reaction from 8,9,P,G,S,L wedges.  Getting above that I can understand the fade vs draw more but I feel like I am hitting a much more accurate shot when I really pay attention to the fundamentals of the 5 keys in the previously mentioned clubs.  When I get to the longer irons is when I feel like what Nick was saying may hold more truth.
I agree 100%   I just made the comment for the OP as its not going to give a objective point of view on the clubs
 I really enjoy these shoes as well.  I have the same color pictured and found them to be really nice...until this morning. I went to the range to get some practice in before the weekend and after I pulled them off to throw them in my trunk, I noticed the white spiked area on the outside of my left foot (im right handed btw) had collected some grass.  Upon further inspection, I saw it was doing so because the white spiked area was coming off the bottom of the shoe and the...
Driver 250-270 3 Wood 240 3i Hybrid 210-220 4i 190 5i 180 6i 170 7i 160 8i 150 9i 140 PW 130 GW 115 SW 105 LW 80   I am in the same boat with Eric though, I never hit my SW or LW in full swing.  These are average with a good swing.  I am not counting bad swings in my head for this calculation
Until I saw the pants and jellies, I thought that was "Buddy Christ" as well. I guess great minds DO think alike
  I really like Mark, only problem is he doesn't say many negative comments about anything.    This should give you some insight though
I have not tried the X Hot but I did hit the Taylormade next to my Cobra Amp Pro and I went with the Cobra because I hit it better. I would like to ask what features you like about the Taylormade?
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