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Does anyone have the vegas and the sensei?  I am thinking of pulling the trigger on some vegas shoes now that they are only 100.00 and want to make sure I get the right size.  I am really a fan on the sensei as they are super comfortable but in any kind of wet conditions, they do not hold up well and my feet are getting soaked.   It looks like the vegas are going to be more waterproof than the sensei so I can just wear the sensei as my normal shoe or something to take to...
47/42-89   Tough couple holes in the front 9 but had a solid back nine.  I could have shot even better on the back nine but made a few bad choices
I prefer the Winn Jumbo Lite to any of the super stroke grips
I understand your problem but agree with @David in FL, you are just leaving too much on the table.   If you absolutely couldn't get by without pulling the driver, I would suggest a 5 wood and ditch the 2h for a 3h.  I know you already have a 3i but the longer shaft will give you a bit more distance and should close the gap.  If not that, just go for the lob wedge if you are comfortable with your current wedge setup
I would suggest not pulling the driver.  If it is frustrating you, spend some more time on it.  At your handicap you should be able to use it to your advantage.  It is the most difficult club to hit in the bag, don't give up on it
Ya, really a bummer.  He is my favorite golfer
I would check out a top golf facility   It looks like fun...like cosmic bowling for golf
I wouldn't just subtract 5 without testing it.  That would be the same as if you were to just subtract 10 going from a 54 to a 60 because that is what happens going from a 7i to an 8i. Better to get out and test it.  What I did after reading the book is to teach myself a half swing on each of the clubs.  Because I didn't ever really do half swings, I felt I needed to practice that "shot".  My pitching was what I would use at 80 yards and inside but now I have the ability...
I had a similar issue with my 48 going 100, 54 going 90 and 60 going about 60.  I almost never hit a full shot with the 60 and if I need to put it 80 out I would just move my grip down on one of the other clubs but because of a few situations I found myself in, I decided to learn to hit the full 60 to get the loft it can provide.   My fix was at address, putting my wrists more forward than usual until it looked like the bounce was taken out where the club hits the...
This is a cool idea.  I wonder how you are able to track the stats and how they go about getting them to you
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