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This would be great.  I really do not want to get rid of my Vegas' but I cannot play with wet feet.  They didn't seem to have a problem the first 20-30 rounds but now its every time I play unless it is bone dry
Funny this post came up as I have had the same issue and was actually at the local golf store today to look at some new shoes.  I would like to start by saying I have two pair of these shoes.  I bought the Sensei a few years ago and they were sooooo comfortable but because I play in the morning, the dew is normally an issue.  Because they were not waterproof I felt like I should get a new pair.  The Sensei have become my daily sneaker.  I wear them everywhere and love...
This was just about the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  What a D-bag.  Everyone is laughing, I would be embarrassed to be there with this fool. Whether fake or not, it just seems stupid.  I am sure we have all felt this way before but this guy needs to grow up   /rant
Milestone weekend for me.  After some struggles in the past few weeks, I came at this weekend with a small swing change and a different stretching regiment before both of my rounds to go along with my new pair of waterproof true vegas shoes.  I shot the best golf of my life   Sugar Creek, MO 40/38-78-  Never broke 80 before.  In fact my best score last year was 88 and this year I shot 82 for my best round until today.  32 putts, 9 GiR, 9 fairways, 2 doubles, 1 birdie. ...
So, what don't you like about it?
Does anyone have the vegas and the sensei?  I am thinking of pulling the trigger on some vegas shoes now that they are only 100.00 and want to make sure I get the right size.  I am really a fan on the sensei as they are super comfortable but in any kind of wet conditions, they do not hold up well and my feet are getting soaked.   It looks like the vegas are going to be more waterproof than the sensei so I can just wear the sensei as my normal shoe or something to take to...
47/42-89   Tough couple holes in the front 9 but had a solid back nine.  I could have shot even better on the back nine but made a few bad choices
I prefer the Winn Jumbo Lite to any of the super stroke grips
I understand your problem but agree with @David in FL, you are just leaving too much on the table.   If you absolutely couldn't get by without pulling the driver, I would suggest a 5 wood and ditch the 2h for a 3h.  I know you already have a 3i but the longer shaft will give you a bit more distance and should close the gap.  If not that, just go for the lob wedge if you are comfortable with your current wedge setup
I would suggest not pulling the driver.  If it is frustrating you, spend some more time on it.  At your handicap you should be able to use it to your advantage.  It is the most difficult club to hit in the bag, don't give up on it
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