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I would like to know the answers to those questions not that I am going to not purchase one when I get home
Mike I like that you have everything charted like that.  I do a 3 day strength training and 2 day cardio regiment but it would be nice to have it all in one place like that so I can plan out my workouts for the week.  I recently picked up a complete workout guide by mens health and changed my resistance band/exercise ball workout I made up to a more focused workout like you have and included about 15 minutes of stretching-type exercises.   I started the stretching...
Hip turn is something I am working on as well and I would agree with @Jeremie Boop that you are using all upper body ie shoulders and arms.  The face video may help with where your weight is and that could lead to some good conversations about advise   BTW, welcome to TST!!!
are these still available?
I would like to say that I just read through most of this thread and it is really inspiring to see someone go from asking to have the thread deleted to what I see in your last videos.  So many people helping and you taking the advice to improve your game.  I started reading these forums about 18 months ago and just recently feel like I want to contribute.  Now I participate in conversations and have my swings uploaded.    Sorry if this is off topic but it is really cool...
  Here is my swing for today.  I had some other swings but the person filming me didn't do a fantastic job so I just kept this one.  I was working on the central pivot and I got some very good results.  This video was taken after about 70 balls and it was hot so I think I was getting tired but I felt my swing was much better than the previous videos.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/54540/a-centered-pivot   I am going to keep posting these swings with what I am working on...
@Zeph, that is a very well written experience and I cannot wait to get my copy in the mail.  This is killing me to have to wait as I don't have much patience (I think I got into the wrong game for this personal issue haha)   I really like how you were able to describe what the book is going to do without re-writing the book and also talking about how you used it immediately in a personal experience
Just my opinion here, but it looks like key #1 should be looked at.  In your front view, put your mouse pointer between your eyes and watch.  You have some lateral and up and down movement   Someone with some more experience may chime in here but I think key 2 will also help with that particular issue.  For me, if I concentrate on weight forward, my head didn't move side to side
I am glad I read through this thread.  I have always felt like I shouldn't be posting in a My Swing thread because of my ability (or lack there of).  I like to hear that others feel the same way but still try to post their opinions to help the OP but I still feel like @Shindig in that I do not feel I am good enough to offer advice.  I feel good enough to point something out and create a discussion but I would have little to no experience on how to fix it as I only have...
Ya a swing video will help a lot as you could start with good posture but if you do not keep it, it isn't really good posture at all.  Keeping the correct posture is as important as starting with it
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