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Sorry mate they are not for sale, I was curious about there value. What would you pay for the lot trolley/bag/ect if it was to be sold???
Cheers vallygolfer, I couldn't find them on the net so didn't think they held any value. What they do have however is a deep sentimental value, I'm honoured to have the privilege to rock them on a track !! For my first time in over 2 years I finished for 80
Yes they are.
Butchery and fishmonger manager, I can browse when I like
Hello everyone. Just been given some new clubs from a dear friend. Took them out yesterday and I'm now here, hooked. I believe I have a perfect set of clubs, trolley, bag, ect and I love it. Was hitting the ball fairly well but better than I used to, rh player. Keeping my left arm straight I don't generate a lot of backswing, but can knock the ball pretty far with every club. I do happen to swerve the ball slightly to the right. It doesn't happen too dramatically with my...
A dear friend gave me these clubs I have no intention on selling them I'm just curious to see how much they are worth. I can't find them on the Internet. I think they are lovely and have played with them already. Any help would be awesome. I also have a few other questions to ask. [IMG]
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