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 I looked into those when I first picked up my clubs this summer, but I didn't really see anyone else using them so I thought maybe they were just a gimmick.
I'm looking for a new bag, mosly because I don't like my clubs "sharing" and THINK I want an individual slot for each club. Before I spend a couple hundred bucks though, what are some of the downsides to this? Am I being stupid and should I stick with the bag I have (6 or 8 compartmetns, I think). The one I'm leaning to is the Sun Mountain Four 5 (in fact I bought one, but am considering returning it).
I'm probably being overly anal / OCD, but the main reason I'm looking for a new bag is that I want one that has individual club slots.  I don't like the idea of the clubs banging together that much.  I should probably just keep the 2nd hand one I've been using...   I did go look at them today and after feeling how much heavier the Grom was I decided to get the Four 5, but tags will stay on for a while while I determine if ANY bag is a smart move.
I'm considering a bag purchase and am looking at the Ogio Grom vs. the Sun Mountain Four 5 (2013 models).  I like some of the features on the Ogio, like the ball silo and ziperless pocket, but see that the SM is significantly lighter.   So, does 2 1/2 pounds make that big a difference over 18 holes (I'm a big guy), and how do these two particular models stack up?
We have an area right down the street from us that gives me a lot more room than just my back yard.  I don't know if it it's quite 100 yards or not though.  The Almost Golf balls might work there if they would give me a good indicator of how bad the slice is.
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I'm looking for something I can use when I don't have the kind of room I'd need for a real golf ball. Something like the foam balls or whiffle balls, but that would give me feedback on whether I'm slicing or not.
I'm looking for a practice ball that will give good feedback on whether I'm making any progress on my slice or not. Anyone have any recomendations?
I am a total newbie to golf and so far have just been using what balls I can scrounge.  I've heard, though, that it's better to stick to one ball to get a feel for how it plays consistently.   I have a neighbor who puts in an order at lostgolfballs.com each year and I'm thinking that I may tag on to his order and get some Sixron Soft feels, but am looking for something cheap in the mean time.  Right now Golf Galaxy has a few on sale, and I'm wondering if it makes a...
Hello everyone,   I am both a newbie to the board and to golf. I'm much to old to be taking up the game as a beginner, but my kids want to learn so I'm going to try to play with them.  Unfortunately I'm also very competitive \ borderline obsessive, so if I'm going to do something I want to do it at least fairly well.  Hope you all have a high tolerance for stupid questions.
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