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Actually he did say that Harrington played better than him and deserved it. Sergio played great but someone else played better and there's not much more to it. You fail.
I recommend reading both Utley's and Pelz books. In my opinion Utley's style of putting is the way to go. But other than the actual stroke technique, I learned a lot from Pelz book about how to read greens and pre shot routine etc.
I'm more bothered with guys who wear WAY to big clothes to be honest. Like Woody for example.
I think it's good to rest at least once every two weeks. I had a period last year where I practiced every day for a long while without resting and I couldn't even swing my club after a while.
Most confident with the putter, it can't go out of bounds, j/k :P But the most fun is probably to rip it with the driver.
I once hit some guys ball into the woods after it landed at my feet without hearing a four. Needless to say I had one of the shittiest rounds ever. And it felt damn good when I did it.
I'm happy when I don't do things like 3 putts or hit the driver right into the woods and stuff like that. If I keep the ball in play for a whole round and don't screw up on the greens basically.
Check out this thread at HFBoards: http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=521403 People are making sick comments about golf as a sport and the thread ends up getting locked. What have you done Tiger? There's now a war between hockey fans and golf fans.
Are you sure he just didn't repress his first tee shot so much that he forgot about it for a moment? I usually do that. I sometimes walk off a green and think to myself "yaaay birdie... oh wait... no it wasn't".
Tiger Sergio Garcia El Nino
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