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I've hit a house before.  I've been lucky to never hear that shattering glass sound after the shot went wide, but I've had a few loud thuds!  I've also put a few shots into busy roads, but I lucked out there too.  There is nothing quite like the uncomfortable, anxious silence that follows a bad shot headed for trouble.   The most impressive wayward shot I've ever seen came when a buddy shanked his approach shot, sent it over a fence, into the road, and hit a moving truck...
I play every weekend with three buddies and our average amount of cash exchanged is about $20 per person.  That isn't very much, but one of us still manages to whine incessantly when the cash isn't going in to his bag.  His money is the sweetest to pocket.   What are your payout averages per round?
 OK, that's next on my list.  Thanks for the explanation--that is awesome.
 That's a great idea!  I keep all of my old scorecards (I denote every club I hit on each hole, not just a +1 or such for each hole) and then I take that card to the range and re-hit that round from tee to green.  It makes range work much more interesting. 
 Plum Creek, Casstle RockGreen Valley RanchBroken Tee (Par 3 and the redone front 6 of the 18)Glenmoor CC
I was also concerned about the wood rotting out from contact with the ground.
Awesome read.  Thank you. I'm looking to put a few dozen "sleepers" in my backyard for the same reason.
 Same here in Denver!  My last trip I got two new FJ StaSofts so I can rotate them thru the round.  The last two were able to do Jazz Hands on their own.  I had to put them down.
BTW, a really good value for a forged iron is the Adams Idea Black CB3.  Check 'em out.
Hit them.  A lot. If it seems over-whelming (and it is) try this:   Go hit a few that are cast and then hit a few that are forged, to see what you like. Then blind-test three or four of that iron type.  Any good shop will set you up on a sim with a few taped up demos and no hard sell.  Feel which one you like the best.  Check the numbers of the sim, but don't go on distance or launch angle or backspin alone.  Feel the one you like.  I've known fitters who don't even...
New Posts  All Forums: