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I know and im only 21!! Yeah I agree with you randal. I didnt just mean smashing them I mainly hit wedges to short irons on the range/practice area. Yeah so im just gonna get lessons and stick in rather than just play the course
I have quit rugby as I can rarely make training but can play golf when ever im not at work. Plus I get 10 straight days off every 28 days which will help
Hello I started golf 2 years ago and until may this year played it as a hobby along side rugby. Got a shift job stopped rugby now just focusing on golf. I 99% of the time strike the ball clean can hit a 3 wood 300 yards put half decent yet I am struggling to improve. For example I could play 5 holes 3 over par then have 2 double or triple bogie then another par. I have booked myself my first lesson for wednesday to try and get some things to work on but personally I...
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