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Do you guys think the Callaway Strata is a good set
So if I had a 100 set and a 1000 set with the correct lie angle and loft angle and were fitted to me, the performance wouldn't really be that different between the two
Also would my scores improve if I had $1000 Set compared to a $100 Set
I just started golf with a knight tour 525 golf club set that I got at a garage sale. Im really into golf and plan on getting new clubs. The clubs im looking at our the Callaway Strata Set. Are these any good. Should I buy this set or just individual clubs. Thanks
Ok thanks for the info
Im 14 and picked up a golf club Tuesday for the first time. I went to the driving range and with my 3 wood i could hit with between 150-170 yards with it. Since im a beginner will i gain distance the more and more i play and practice
What would happen if I got a senior flex and ended up needing a regular flex. Can there be to much flex
Im new to golf so I need some help. Im looking into gettingĀ a new driverĀ and was wondering about shaft flex. With a 3 wood I can hit 160 Yards. So with a driver I was wondering how far I can hit. So which shaft flex should I get. thanks
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