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I would be in good shape if there was a booby prize.  Reed, DJ, Dufner ...all missed cuts.
I used one for a little while.  May sound ridiculous but I found the neutral setting had it wanting to go left and the open setting had me losing it to the right.  I needed finer resolution that the "simple" 3-position adapter that the AFT provides.
I've tried dozens of recent releases and the best for me was the RBZ Tour.  I think it is more forgiving than the standard RBZ and I like the deeper face.  9 degree, stock shaft, one notch closed (+).  Kind of spinny but it keeps me in the fairway.
Well today I spent $2 at the golf store. Had them bend my Ping G2 HL 3 iron 1.5* strong (to 19.5). Going to try the driving iron thing when it warms up. Was at 205 yards with this club, hoping for 10 more.
I think the tears had to do with him having a great Sunday, overtaking the lead, but then nearly losing it due to a series of bad breaks, e.g.: hitting the small tree on his pitch-out on 16, the "smoked" 5i tee shot on 17 coming up oddly short, the sand save that hit the pin dead center and bounced out, and his approach on 18 going unusually long.  And in spite of all that he leaves himself a short putt on 18 to win and chokes on it with a nervous push, all under the...
No one seems to have the ID on his most interesting club in the bag: the driving iron.  Johnny Miller mentioned that he had a specially-made driving iron and when the chips were down there was Every, normally a short hitter, bombing his iron off the tee 250+.  I would guess it was the X Utility Prototype Iron in place of that 5 wood, and it looked the part on TV, but what length/loft?
Only one 'trapper picked Adam Scott to win the Masters, and with a -6 finish at that.  But consider: #2 in the world (behind the injured TW), defending at his favorite tournament, and in his last year to putt with the cheat-stick.  Hmmm...
If I wanted to help out anyone that has yet to enter I would make a list of all the guys who will automatically go as wasted picks for the 2 and 3 slots, and then a list of all the scores that will become wasted picks for the rest.   Then I would point out that Tiger Woods is going to announce his withdrawal from the tournament as soon as Nike gives him the go-ahead.
No mention of MOI but apparently it reduces tendon fatigue.  Yeah, this cavity-back tech is probably about as equally valid.
Distance control is pretty good off the putter, although I haven't stimp-metered my living room carpet lately.  Thinking I may have to save the special packaging for my trophy room (I don't have a trophy room).
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