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I've noticed the growing legion of players who have adopted a cross-handed putting grip and I wonder if anyone has tried keeping their grip the same but using an opposite-handed putter?  Seems like it would be functionally equivalent in terms of the stroke.  Within the rules?
Wow, her swing plane looks really flat!  And her club looks really long in proportion to her height.  And her ball looks more like an oval than a circle...     But seriously, that Jason Day chunked drive is the best thing I've seen all day.
Wow you guys are nuts!  I just owned a 32" putter for all of a week.  It came with a jumbo grip.  I normally use a 33 or 34 but picked it up as an experiment since it was cheap, and found that it did not improve my alignment and the swingweight was light enough that it was having trouble keeping it steady during the stroke.  I suppose I could have worked on it and the weighting, etc, but I figured if I'm comfortable at 34" and can learn to improve with that then my back...
Wilson broke the mold with their Di9 irons.   http://www.wilson.com/dyn/golf/ws_specs/usa/di9.asp   Comes with a 42.5 degree PW, so they offered 2 gap wedges to fill the gap -- a 46 degree A and a 49.5 degree G (notice this still leaves a big loft gap unless you use a 54 degree SW).  Also, the shafts are longer than standard by at least 0.5".  So basically, it's a mis-numbered set of irons that have upright lie angles.
Three characteristics seem to define GI irons vs players irons:   - Large face/sweet spot   - Wide sole   - Offset   I happen to be with you in thinking that none of these features should preclude a player from being able to draw or fade the ball.  The ball flight laws tell us that path vs face angle determine the curvature, period.  None of the above characteristics should affect one's ability to control face angle vs path.  The other end of "working the ball"...
They teased the datalogging driver a while back, maybe it's finally ready.  I would prefer to use a separate SS radar but I suppose it would be cool to DL the speed/path/angle numbers from your round when you get home.
I bet you can find a Dunlop for way less (haha j/k).  Get the Bio Cell+ it's $100 better than the other two.
My home course is 6366 from the "tips" which includes a couple of super long 210-ish par 3's.  Works out great for me now and I suspect will be still playable into old age.  A lot of short par 4's but they keep the par 5's honest (500+ yds uphill).
The first one on their list: GOLF PRIDE CP2 WRAP/CP2 PRO Is a gold medal recipient.  I recently had my driver gripped with the CP2 Wrap.  I can normally pretty much get along with anything, and this is supposed to combine soft feel with durability and features some kind of low-torque technology (control-core).   It was absolutely horrendous (for me)!  The rubber formulation they chose allows a lot of twisting in the right hand, almost as though the grip is on loose. ...
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver   Martin Kaymer  -10 Patrick Reed    -10 Eric Compton   -10
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