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He spends the first 30 seconds of the video (plus whatever they cut out) building a stance in the mud with his feet.  "Building a stance" is a penalty that has gotten guys DQ'd in the past but I suppose nobody wanted to stop him while he's busy shooting himself in the foot anyway.
I would expect, and hope, that someone has talked to him about vinyl-wrapping the roof.  He could put any design he wants on there for a couple hundred and it will peel away if he ever wants to re-sell it (but not on amazon or ebay!).
If you still have a Kmart nearby they usually carry the "Green Monster" 520cc driver.  I would guess that it is no more forgiving than a quality 460cc stick.   If you just want a giant face on your driver so you don't whiff, then get a Cleveland Classic or Custom 270 or 290.  Largest, deepest face in golf (but the dirty secret is that they lack horizontal MOI due to the overly tall face).
I bought this for my kids, and of course had a go with it myself.  Very difficult to get any height or distance even with the tee.  Off the deck it may as well be a "tour striker" - like training aid.  Requires a perfect descending blow to elevate the ball more than a few inches.
I'd think a course that offered 6-hole rounds would have some benefits.  I think #6, #12, and #18 would all have to finish near the clubhouse so course layout would have to take that into consideration.  Then you could play 6 holes or 12, and a slow group could be bypassed if you're willing to go a little out of order.   Using a bigger hole, on its own, seems a bit pointless.  If you care about putting and take any pride in it you want to use the regulation size hole and...
I want Turbulators to help me drive it long with the PING G30 Driver! I predict that the BLUE (East Coast) TEAM will win the 2015 Newport Cup by a score of 28.5 to 25.5.  The MVP will be @SavvySwede with 11 points won.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone e6 golf balls Patrick Reed -16 Tom Gillis -9 John Daly -9
This is easily repairable if you are good with your hands and not too consumed by the thought of imperceptible imperfections.  Get it in a bench vise and clamp onto the hosel (use paper towel or masking tape between the jaws) taking care to clamp perpendicular to the direction you need to bend it.  Now just grab onto the middle of the shaft and force it into the direction it needs to go in sharp movements.  You need to push past "straight" to get it to actually bend back...
Just want to credit the admins for arbitrating the rules fairly.  If I thought I could shirk the phrase and still be eligible by injustice I would do it.  But we all add the tag because we understand the the prizes are funded by advertising.
It's clearly time for you to store that old relic in the basement and upgrade to a more modern putter like the Ping Pal 2. 
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